While the rest of the world complains about summer being nearly over, here in South Africa we’re yet to experience the season of suntan. Spring is just around the corner and temperatures are already rising. Wait what? Why am I blogging about the weather? Anyway…

I braved the day by wearing a short sleeved shirt for the first time in months and it turned out quite well.

 David Venter

Sorry about the bad picture quality. Here in Africa we cannot afford decent cameras. This picture was taken with my BlackBerry which isn’t exactly made for photography; It is more of a nerdy 90’s business phone. Even my iMac takes better pictures. Regardless, I still love my phone because without it I would be really “stuck” although I do really want to upgrade to an iPhone soon because I am a faithful iDouche (as Bryanboy puts it) and I do want everything Apple!

Thanks for tuning in. Till next time… xoxo

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