There’s something that I want to make very clear: I want certain things in life and nothing is going to stand in my way to get what I want. When it comes to things which I want I become very stubborn and determined, and I always end up getting what I want. This time around will be no different.

If you’ve followed my personal blog then you should have a basic understanding of where I come from, what I’ve been through and what I want. If however, this is the first time that you stumble across my website and actually take the time to read my posts; I’ll give you a quick update…

My name is David Venter (duh), born July 1, 1987 in South Africa. I’m proudly homosexual and came out to my family at the age of 13 during a Christmas holiday in Cape Town. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I can remember; from selling candy to other kids in primary school, beauty products to neighbors, to eventually starting my own company at age 19 whilst working in the online media industry doing web development and graphic design; I’ve always put 100% passion, effort and dedication into everything that I want in life, and when that passion is strong enough I always end up getting what I want, even when I’m passionate about something which I believe I want.

I don’t come from a very wealthy family, which is perhaps why I’ve been driven to entrepreneurship since a very young age. My true passion however, have always been show-business, but I’ve stopped following my passion at the age of 17 when I thought that it would not offer a solid future. Instead; I opted for the straight and narrow by working a day job while running my own “conventional” business on the side, believing that this is what I want which wasn’t the case. In 2009 I suffered a severe tragedy in my personal life which changed everything.

Finally understanding that I am the cause and controller of all that happens in my life; I now take full responsibility for the tragedy, and I now realize why it happened. I was lost in a conventional world of trying to follow the stream; doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing, acting the way I thought I was supposed to be acting, and thinking the way that I thought was right. I lived like a robot, a slave to society, and even though I had material possessions to show; I really didn’t enjoy my life at all. The only thing (person) that still kept me holding on was my boyfriend, and when we separated my life came crumbling down.  It has taken me a lot of reading, soul-searching, and solitude to rediscover myself and what I truly want in life. But, now that I have it, nothing is going to stand in my way, and I know that I am going to get what I want because I want it!

This song by Kat Graham explains it perfectly:

What exactly do I want? Glad you asked; I’ve compiled a detailed list of what I want and nothing’s going to hold me back! Stay tuned for upcoming “Want Lists” which will be posted to my personal blog.

Before the tragedy; I used to get most of the material possessions which I wanted, but I was physically unhappy and emotionally drained. This time around I’m following my true passion, enjoying every single minute of the day, and although I may not now have much of what I want in the material world; I know that I will get my desired possessions very soon by following my personal passions. I’ve learned that to be happy with what we have outside ourselves; we first need to be happy with what we have within ourselves, and not the other way around. Success doesn’t bring happiness; Happiness brings success.

An old friend of mine used to look at me and say; “I’d rather be crying in the back of a limousine wearing couture than to be crying in a bedroom of my parents house wearing rags.” to which I now say; “I’d rather be HAPPY in the back of a limousine wearing couture, even if it means first accepting where I come from and wearing those rags in my parent’s house while on my path to my desires.”

We only have one life to live and I’m sure as hell not going to live it like a conformist robot of society. This is my life, I’m taking control, and I will get what I want MY WAY; the way which makes me happy and grateful in all aspects of life, and I want to share it all with you, here.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned! xoxo

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