Monday morning, 6 AM – Still awake. I really do have the strangest sleeping patterns. I should be getting up now, not going to sleep. But, here I am sitting in bed with the laptop, writing and trying to catch up with my work back-log while fighting the urge to fall asleep. I’ve neglected my blog for the past week because my boyfriend came over to spend a couple of days with me. We rarely see each other, so when we do actually get together everything else comes to a screeching halt.

In addition to the world being on pause while my boyfriend was here; I’ve also been feeling very lazy lately. Laziness is never a good thing, so I’m searching for extra inspiration to put me back on track. Maybe I just need a holiday, a real holiday away from everything, not just a break at home. If you’ve stalked me on Foursquare then you’ll know that as much as I would love to travel, I rarely go anywhere.

I’ve come to the realization that I need to start actively seeking professional opportunities again because my empty wallet is just not hot. I am craving shopping and travelling more than I am craving penis and that means: A LOT! Something needs to happen soon before I go absolutely insane.  Guess I’ll be spamming the agencies again this week for modeling, acting and promotional work. Wish me luck.


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