So sorry for my lack of blog posts this past week, but I’ve been working on a few other things, including a new theme/layout for my blog. After wasting a lot of time and trashing more than 20 different mockups I’ve decided to just stick with that I have for now.

I know that there is a lot of wasted space, but until I get around to finding or creating a new layout that’s actually good enough, you’ll just have to get over your annoyances with the white space at the left side of the articles. Anyway…

I’m in desperate need of a job, and by “job” I don’t mean the old-school nine to five boring sheep work – I’m too pretty to work. What I need is a few more freelance web/graphic design or writing/editorial projects, some acting/modeling casting calls wouldn’t hurt either, but alas, the last two months have been dead-quiet and I’m slowly going broke and being forced to rely on my parents for everything, which is not hot. What to do? If you know of anyone in need of web/graphic design, writing, editorial, actor or model,please send them my way, or even better yet; direct them to my LinkedIN and StarNow profiles.

While I’m good at many things, unfortunately making money doesn’t seem to be one of them, but instead of waiting for my ship to come in, I’m trying my best to build my own ship. Here’s hoping it won’t take too long because I’m craving success. I need it NOW!

In all honesty, I should just make a sex-tape get noticed by some wealthy moguls, and given my own reality show focussed around “fashion and travel” with a decent budget, then I can go around the world doing things and sharing my awesomeness for your entertainment and inspiration. Oh, dreams…

Well then, I better get on with it. Till next time… Much Love! xoxo

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