Dear Santa Claus,

I’ve been a very good boy this year. Wait, that’s a lie… I’ve been a little bit naughty, but my boyfriend already punished me in ways which I cannot share with you. Rest assured that I’ve received fair punishment for my naughty deeds and that I’m now filled up with nothing but goodness. So, please would you send me the following goodies for Christmas…

  • Apple iPhone 4S
    So that I take great pictures and make awesome videos for my blog. There are hundreds of really cool iOS apps that I already downloaded, it would be nice to actually have an iOS device.

Apple iPhone 4S

  • Apple iPad 2
    So that I can save the planet by reading e-books and digital magazines instead of cutting down trees for printing physical paper books and magazines. Also, I think that the iPad is just really cool and therefore I really want one.

Apple iPad 2

  • Apple Macbook Pro
    So that I can blog on-the-go, not being chained to my desk. With one of these I’ll also be able to go write in my favorite places of relaxation and mediation, like the garden, the local park, or a coffee shop offering “bottomless” coffees and teas. This will make writing a lot easier, since being stuck at a desk causes major writers-block.
Apple Macbook Pro

If you give me the above, I promise to be a “good boy” until next Christmas. I know that this may seem a bit demanding since there are so many other boys out there who also want the same, so even if I can only get one of the above, that’ll make life a whole lot better!

I’ve written my address on a napkin and hid it inside your enormous beard, just dig in there to find out where to send the gifts.


David Venter. xoxo

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