We’re nearing the end of yet another year. I felt quite anxious this morning, sitting here thinking “What have I done all year?” – I’m still not finished with my Ashworth College course materials, heck I’m not even half way. I’m still living the simple life, my blogging hasn’t made me rich yet. And I’m still living with my parents. Just thinking about all this is cause enough for wanting to pop some happy-pills and forget about it all.

But guess what? I’m actually quite happy with my current circumstances, happier than I’ve ever been in a long time because I am now doing what I love doing, at my pace, without comparing myself to stressed, unhappy over-achievers. I’m no longer taking antidepressants, I’ve started singing again, my online presence is growing by the day and I’m enjoying every minute of it. Life is good and I’m happy with what I have accomplished through 2011.

I’m dedicating the month of December not to a holiday, but to planning and working towards personal goals for the next year. Knowing that it is possible to build a life from doing what I love doing, it’s now time to step up to the next level.

Thank you all for following my life/blog/tweets and I hope that you enjoy the last month of 2011. It’s never too late to really do what you want to do. Take control of your life, make your dreams come true!

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