Remind me to sleep less. It seems as though every time I get really over-tired I feel the urge to update my blog. The truth is that I’ve been struggling to find my way back into society, not because I feel incapable, but because I don’t feel compatible with anyone I meet around here. For a brief moment I’ve even considered starting a new blog titled “The boy who never leaves home” but don’t worry, that won’t happen. Even though I haven’t actually left the house for anything social in a very long time; I don’t think anyone would find interest in reading about what doesn’t happen. Scratch that idea.

After a few failed attempts at getting out there to embrace the single/social life, I gave up and opted for something that would take my mind off everything; computer games, and I don’t mean Second Life, I mean real games with levels, achievements, quests, etc. You know.. fun stuff to keep my mind off everything. –  For the past month I’ve been playing World of Warcraft almost non-stop, taking the occasional break to study, eat, sleep, shower, fap, etc… yeah, tragic I know. I’ve even neglected my usual unnaturally intense fashion obsession by running random WoW dungeons and battlegrounds instead of keeping up to date with the latest runway shows. What is happening to me? The once extroverted, ambitious queen ready to take on anything has now turned into a shy hermit slash gamer slash person with social phobia – This can’t be good. Or maybe it is good? Maybe I’m finally embracing the person I truly am; a shy and down to earth boy-next-door who lives with his parents, is into hardcore online gaming, loves practicing musical talents in spare time and enjoys writing and publishing random topics of interest such as fashion, technology, etc.

Maybe I’m just a normal boring person after all, not this shiny glamorous rainbow of awesomeness and attitude I’ve always set myself up to be. Maybe I’m over the whole quest for social superiority and shameless social climbing. Maybe I’m just content with doing my own thing, in my own time, without worrying about anything. Or maybe I’m just full of shit LOL.

Till next time… Much Love! xoxo

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