Have you ever vomited in your dreams? Not actually vomited, just in your dreams. Last night I dreamt that I was sitting outside in my garden, enjoying the sunlight while working on my computer, when all of a sudden someone jumped over the wall and attempted to steal my computer. My first reaction was to vomit, then I woke up confused about my subconscious puking experience. Strange right?

The night before was even stranger; I dreamt that I was hanging out with an old friend who also used to be a client back in the day when I still did web development and sold wireless internet subscription services. In my dream I accidentally re-submitted the friend’s old wireless application. Upon realizing this we all got magical powers like some of the warcraft game character abilities and we went to raid the head office where the wireless submission form were sent, killing the monster boss with our special abilities. – I guess this just shows that I probably spend way too much time playing computer games, but why the reference to the old friend and business in my dream?

Should I perhaps start seeing a therapist again? Have I gone totally cray cray? LOL. I’m not really complaining; I just find it really strange and wonder what the hidden subconscious meaning behind all this could be, if anything. Either way, these dreams are really fun, I’m starting to enjoy my time asleep.

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