If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll know about my recent “Britney moment” in which I shaved my head. I’ve since been growing out my hair again and I’ve reached the point where it’s finally long enough to actually do something fun again.

I’m having really mixed feelings about what to do with my hair right now because there are so many options, so I’m looking to the past and to others for inspiration. I’ve been really obsessed with the idea of tinting my hair red, something which I’ve done in the past (partially anyway).

Here are some old pictures from back if 2006 of my partial red hair…

Yes I know… Not my most glamorous pictures… Don’t judge me. Anyway, the point is that red hair does suit me, but, am I going to go down that road again? If I do decide to go red again it’ll be my whole head, not just partially, and with a longer, fuller hairstyle kind of like this picture I found online:

Maybe eventually growing it out into something like this…

The verdict, however, is still out on this one; To red or not to red… That is the question.

Sometimes I hate being so indecisive when it comes to hair issues. Grrr.

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