Whoa, what a busy day. It’s already 11:30 PM here in South Africa and I didn’t want to go to bed without telling you guys what I’ve been up to today. But I’m really tired so this is going to be a really short post.

I’ve made some great progress today in taking my blogging career to the next level and I literally spent all afternoon (after taking a short post-lunch nap) doing Search Engine Optimization, expanding my reach and networking with fellow industry professionals online.

After an early light dinner I had a quick voice training session in preparation for recording vocals for some new songs that I’ve written. I hope to have the vocals and melodies down before the end of November so that I can start working with my producer to create awesome music, do a final recording, and master a new Single or EP before the end of the year for an early January 2013 release.

I’ve also had a quick 30 minute cycling session during which I’ve managed to cover 9.3 miles (15km). Then it was time for a nice, long, relaxing bath, some camera-whoring. And now, here I am writing this and about to get ready for bed.

Overall it was a really awesome and productive day and now I’m in serious need of sleep.

[Pictured above: My room – The place where all the magic happens ]

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