Yesterday morning I woke up to a very sad sight; a dead Apple iMac. There was a storm the night before and I knew that the power had cut and came on again a few times in a row but I didn’t bother checking on my iMac because this happened many times before and my iMac was perfectly fine. However, yesterday upon sitting down at my desk to start working through my to-do’s I pressed the iMac power button only to find that it wasn’t turning on. My iMac was dead.

I’ve tried everything; used a different plug, re-installed the memory modules, left it unplugged for over 15 minutes then tried to do a SMC reset. You know… All the usual stuff that can be done to troubleshoot a Mac that won’t start up. Then I phoned Core Technical Support (Core Group is South Africa’s main Apple distributor. Apple doesn’t actually have an “official presence”  here in the third world) and they asked me if I could see a little light coming from the small opening underneath the power connection at the back. “Nope, nothing” I said.

It appears as though my iMac’s built in power supply had been fried by the power surges during Thursday night’s storm. Technical support said that there are three parts to the power supply and depending on which part is fried they might be able to fix it. If it becomes to costly or they are unable to fix it in a timely manner then I’ll have to get a new computer.

Fortunately my iMac is insured under home insurance which covers electronics damaged by power surges (as far as I’m aware.) I’ll have to phone the insurance company on Monday and take my iMac to the Technical team so see what can be done. Until then I’m using an old Acer laptop running Ubuntu, so I’m not entirely computer-less while I wait for repair or replacement.

Working on the Acer however, is not as productive because it lacks many tools (software) which are only available on my Mac. Fortunately I can still access my notes and reminders via the iCloud website which made this a little more bearable.  I’ll try my best to keep my website and social media profiles updated using the Acer but if you see a drastic slow-down then you know why. Things just aren’t the same without Apple. I always jokingly say to my family that only Apple computers are real computers, everything else feels like I’m playing with cheap toys for infants and I just can’t be productive using primitive operating systems..

Let’s see how long it takes these third world companies to sort out this mess. The last time I had to wait for repairs or claimed something from insurance I was stuck without a cellphone for 3 weeks. Hopefully things will go quicker this time ’round. Gotta love South Africa.

I’m just glad that I at least still have this Acer to work on otherwise my website would’ve been seriously neglected. Here’s hoping for a swift repair or replacement. Maybe it’s time I finally start looking into getting a new MacBook Pro. Maybe this is a “blessing” in disguise.

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