I can’t believe that I’m only getting around to writing about this now. It’s like, way over-due but I’ve been “busy” and lazy. My recent trip to Cape Town was totally awesome. I’ve spent a week with one of the most talented and amazing people I’ve ever met. And not only am I falling madly in love with him but I’m also looking forward to working with him on various web and music projects in the new year.

Who is this mysterious guy I keep talking and tweeting about? Well, I do respect his privacy and don’t necessarily want to proclaim our love to the world until things have been seriously serious for a fair amount of time. But I will share this; he‘s one of those featured on this track-listing of a certain compilation album. You’re welcome to play the guessing game…

Mysterious Guy

But more on that later. Let’s get back to my Cape Town trip now, shall we?

I’ve been to Cape Town many times but I’ve never really paid as much attention to it as I did this time ’round. Thanks to him I got to see many parts of the city and I now completely understand why those living there are so obsessed. It’s friendly, beautiful, clean and world-class; much different from Johannesburg. Cape Town is the kind of city that would make anyone fall in love with South Africa. Being there again really changed my perspective on things and killed off some of the hate that I’ve been fostering for this country. Experiencing life in Cape Town is what would make one become Proudly South African. If only the rest of the country was as clean, friendly and well managed as Cape Town.

My time with him went by so fast that it barely even feels real. I have to keep reminding myself that it actually happened; that it wasn’t just some random dream. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? We spent a lot of time together and even though things were quite manic at times; I enjoyed every minute of if and cannot wait to see him again. Our time together was cut short because I promised my family that I would go on vacation with them, and when I returned from my family vacation he was on his way to see his family in another country. We’ll only be able to see each other again in the new year.

Next year, I will be working on various web development projects with him. And I’ll hopefully get around to actually making some more music like I had planned. Through him I will be able to put my web and graphic design skills to good use again. My dream of recording a complete album is also still very much alive and he has offered to help me with it. I don’t want to get ahead of myself here but maybe I’ll even be able to move down to Cape Town to be closer to him and to work on all the projects. It would certainly be a lot more cost affective and a lot less time consuming than flying back and forth all the time.

I know that this post seems rather vague, but I will reveal a lot more about my future projects and relationship status as things progress. So, please subscribe, follow me on Twitter and watch this space for future updates.




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