This Sunday I will embark on a journey that could change my life forever. I’m falling in love again and he has given me inspiration to take on new clients in the online media industry again instead of just doing my own thing here on my website. I will be flying down to Cape Town on December 9 to work on an online media project and to spend some time with him in the beautiful mother city. Only two more sleeps to go, I can’t wait!

I will return from Cape Town on December 13 to join my family on a week long vacation at Ngwenya Lodge; situated on the Southern boundary of the Kruger National Park.  I wanted to bring him along on the family vaycay. But he’s got some responsibilities of his own that would make it a bit of an inconvenience for him. With everything happening this December, I’ll probably only get to see him again in the new year.

It feels really good to start living again. Doing things and going places in the real world is so much better than the pixel life I’ve become accustomed to. I’ve still got a long way to go to overcome some social phobia issues and to regain my confidence. But the steps that I am taking now will result in a good outcome. Meeting him have also opened my eyes to all the possibilities and the realization that real awesomeness awaits.

Am I putting too much hope into this? Am I building castles in the sky? Perhaps. I still have a lot to learn about him and vice versa. But whatever happens, I am grateful that he is now a part of my life, and will continue to be in one way or another. I’m finally starting to live again. My life is changing. Times are changing for the better. Awesomeness awaits.

Just to be clear about something; I’m not putting all my hopes, dreams, and happiness on one person or “in one basket” as a friend incorrectly assumed. I know that true happiness comes from within and regardless of what happens with him or with my return to offering online media services to clients outside of my personal domain; I will be happy. Life is beautiful!

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