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It’s all about Perspective

David Venter in Second Life

I’d like to touch on the topic of virtual living in Second Life once again. You see, I’ve been dealing with this crazy inner battle where part of me wants to leave my virtual life behind to focus only on real things, while another part of me believes that the relationships forged and moments shared inside the virtual world are real and that my avatar is a part of me. Some people find it very easy to distinguish, differentiate and balance the real with the virtual but I seem to lack some perspective.

A friend of mine told me that the way I perceive things are often incorrect and that I lack some much needed perspective. I’ve come to realize that he’s right. But where do I go from here? It’s as if I am living in my own fairytale world where the real and the virtual are so mashed together that I can no longer distinguish the two. I’m living in a world where I see and refer to my avatar as ‘me’ and perceive whatever happens in the virtual world as real. So much for ending my virtual life, right? I’m right back there where I started. Will this ever end?

I guess that I have somewhat of an addictive personality in the sense that whenever I get into anything, I take it to the extreme. This has been the case with everything in my life. While taking things to extremes can be great in certain situations, it can also be very destructive. The more I psychoanalyze myself, the more I realize that I need to establish balance and perspective in my life if I am to ever progress to anything I’d be proud of. It’s not that I’m not proud of what I’ve accomplished thus far, it’s just that I know that I can do and be so much more in both the real and the virtual world if I can only find balance instead of aimlessly drifting from one extreme to another. Perhaps the right perspective will help me establish balance and thus open the doors to true inspiration and opportunity.

Where does one go from here? How does one find the right perspective? Is there anyone else out there who have also struggled with this and can shed some light on the situation or am I just a lone crazy monkey stuck inside a reality distortion field? I guess the fact that I know something is wrong with this situation is a good thing. It’s like where they make drug addicts admit they have a problem and that they need help. Perhaps now that I’ve admitted that I need balance and lack perspective, it’s the first step towards recovery. Or maybe I’m perfectly normal and there’s nothing wrong or weird with the way that I live my life. It’s all about perspective. Thanks for reading my thoughts. xoxo

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  1. This was really timely to read, David. Certainly I wouldn’t purport to have answers to a titanic question like “what is balance between First and Second?” But I can’t help, when I ponder this very issue – and it’s one that I keep coming back to lately – but wonder if there is such a thing as a “stable” balance between the two.

    If there’s First on one end of the balance, and Second on the other, I suppose one might imagine finding a place where the fulcrum can go that would maintain equity between the two. Unfortunately, instead of imagining them as two stable blocks to balance… I think we have to imagine First and Second as two emotionally-unbalanced rabid walruses trying to claw at one another from their strapped-down positions on the balance board. Because First and Second are vital and ever-changing (some might say tumultuous in some instances), I think that fulcrum’s balance point is always going to be a moving target.

    An inelegant way of saying “I feel ya,” and I think that perhaps there is never a point at which anyone finds a stable status quo when it comes to constantly seeking life’s balance.

    Sometimes I want very much to be Loren in as immersive a way as I can. Lately, that’s happening a lot. Sometimes I want to be FirstMe and want my computer shut off, put in my bag, locked in a closet. Most of the time I wish I had the parts of both that I want and none of the bad… especially when I’ve only got the parts of both I don’t want! You’re not alone, you’re not crazy, and I think there’s enough banana for all of us in this holodeck. ^_^

  2. Your friend is right. Your perspective is warped. And guess what… SO is HIS… and MINE… and Everyone’s. :-) That’s why it’s called perspective as opposed to hard facts.

    So whatever your perspective is – own it and decide what’s right for you. If your perspective needs to shift then you decide that. Not him. I get so tired of the “average” people deciding whats right and wrong for us outside the box’ers.

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