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Good Morning in the Afternoon

Morning is long gone here in Africa. It’s already past 5PM here but I just got up, so… Good Morning. You see; I’ve been living on Pacific Time again for various reasons:

  1. I’m spending a lot of time online in a virtual world with friends who live in a different time zone. Fortunately I have the freedom to choose my own schedule and sleeping patterns, so this way I get to spend more time with them.
  2. I live in a really noisy neighborhood. My neighbors don’t know how to care-for or control their animals. There is constant barking during the day. For some reason i am able to sleep through all this but I cannot work or concentrate through noise. Being up at night gives me some peace and quiet to do what I want to do without any annoyances.
  3. All major news (which I’m interested in anyway) breaks at night. I like staying informed and discovering news as it breaks, not days later.
  4. I feel much more productive and inspired during the night. Not sure why.
  5. I’m actually a vampire, the sun will kill me. (Not really, LOL)

Maybe in a different location and under different circumstances I would enjoy the day time more. But we learn to adapt to situations and make the necessary changes to make the most out of what we have. My current night-time routine is my solace and it keeps me sane.

If you want to read more about my virtual world activities, do check out my Second Life Blog. Those posts do not show up here on my home page nor on the recent posts sidebar for various reasons, so you actually have to click through to it or specifically subscribe to it if you don’t want to miss anything. Or just keep an eye on my social media profiles (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) since all my posts are pushed through to there, regardless of topic.

In other news: My Menswear Fashion LYST is being updated again regularly so keep an eye on it for awesome new menswear items and sales alerts. And remember: Fashion is Life! 


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