Things haven’t quite worked out as planned in my personal life as of late. My long term relationship came to an end just over a year ago and since then I’ve gone from one disastrous fling to another. But something amazing happened a few weeks go. I met a wonderful person that I’ve fallen madly in love with, and for the first time in a long time I’m not afraid to go into detail or share her name.

I never thought that I’d ever fall in love with a woman. Am I really bisexual or straight? Have I just been in denial all this time? Have I just been dating and sleeping with slutty guys because I was afraid of truly giving myself to a woman for fear of rejection because girls never really liked me when I was a young boy?! I don’t know. All I know is that I’ve found happiness with Chantal and that’s all that matters. I’ve never felt this loved or alive when I was with a guy. Chantal makes me feel loved, wanted, needed, appreciated, and it’s only fair to her that I proclaim my love for her here on my website. From here onward I don’t want to be seen as the directionless gay boy anymore. I have changed! Life is changing for the better and I finally have something real!

Chantal and I knew each other for quite some time but I never allowed myself to think of her as a partner. I always loved her but I never thought that I’d be able to get intimate with her. We got together over the weekend and one thing lead to another. Unexpected things happened; We kissed and got really intimate. We made love. And WOW… I actually really love this! It feels so natural; the way God had intended it. Perfect love between a man and a woman. Maybe now I will actually be happy instead of jumping from one empty homosexual fling to another. I have found my partner. I have found my love.

I really love you Chantal! It’s going to take some time for me to bury my homosexual past, all the dirty things that I have done, all the mistakes that I have made. But, I promise you that life is behind me and from here onward I will be yours and yours alone.

Over the next few days I’ll be working to remove my gay posts and pictures from the Internet. Chantal and I have been planning a trip where we will make new memories, upload new pictures and start a new life together. Watch my blog over the coming months as I will be documenting my transition from a dirty homosexual life to a true loving partnership with the woman of my dreams. I love you, Chantal! Thank you for showing me true love.

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