Finding motivation to complete certain tasks isn’t always easy, especially when there are a million other more fun things to do. I’ve been struggling with some self-motivating issues myself and came across an awesome article on 99u stating that the key to getting motivated is to give up. Give up trying to get or find motivation. The simple solution: Forget about finding motivation: Just do it. Forcing oneself to do something without motivation is a whole different issue all together though. Don’t you need motivation to do anything in the first place, to even be able to force yourself to do something? – No. You do not.

Doing things without motivation is easier said than done? Perhaps. But here is what I do: Think of yourself in the third-person. Think of your mind and you personal being as a separate entity; a computer game or avatar that you get to control. Detach yourself emotionally from yourself. Sit back and look at yourself, from a third-person perspective, think what you would command that person to do it they were a game character or avatar in your control. Would you make that person finish that essay, clean the house, complete that work project, start up that new venture, (insert your over due to-do list here), etc? But what if that person doesn’t want to do it? You are in control, remember. You have the power to make that person do anything. You’ve emotionally detached yourself from yourself and your lack of motivation isn’t going to stop things from happening.

I now think of my being as a Sims or Second Life character that I get to control as if it has no feeling and can bend to my will.  This allows me to push past my own issues and force myself to do things for which I would normally require a lot of motivation; even certain things that I don’t want to do, or feel like I can’t do because of my emotional state. Stepping out and looking at yourself from a third-person perspective and controlling that person to do the things that you need to do allows you to make things happen without needing the desire or motivation to do them. So, want to get things done? Give up trying to get motivated and just do it. In the end you will feel a great sense of achievement for being able to control yourself to do the things that you need to do. You will feel satisfied and invincible. And that will give you real motivation to take yourself even further than ever before.

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