Another weekend, gone. Time just seems to fly by really fast the older I get. Sometimes I wish that it was possible to remain a boy forever. I watched Peter Pan again this weekend. I forgot how much I love that movie. It’s definitely one of my all time favorites.

Peter Pan Neverland

Ugh, growing up is such a barbarous business. What an inconvenience. – You can’t catch me and make me a man. I want always to be a boy and have fun.

My whole life I’ve been pushed by myself, my friends and my parents to grow up, be responsible, be independent and professional. I often feel that I’ve bypassed a large part of my childhood because I was always trying to, or encouraged to, be grown-up. It’s as if I am missing some important part of my life. Then I realized something important; We’re never too old to be young. Age is but a number. It’s the mental state and attitude about life in general that really matters. It really is possible to be forever young.

We’re never too old to dream, play games with imagination, watch Disney movies, wear colorful casual clothes or <insert young stereotype here>. There’s no law that prevents us from remaining energetic, vibrant, playful and full of dreams. It is only ourselves, together with unnecessary pressure from society that kills our inner child and makes us old and boring. Giving in to the pressure of the adult stereotype kills imagination and dreams. We lose a part of ourselves and no longer believe that anything is possible and achievable. We kill our own dreams. We think that there are things lacking. We kill our inner child.

In a child’s mind the small things matter; the small things can make you happy and content. In a child’s mind the world is filled with endless possibility. Anything is possible; limitless.Β Don’t kill your inner child. Don’t get caught up in the unnecessary bullshit and societal stereotypes of how an adult should think and behave. Live outside the box. Be childish. Play. Dream. Enjoy. Have Fun. Forever Young!

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