Ok, I’m done thinking about him and done feeling depressed over things which I have no control over. It’s time to move on and open myself up to new people and experiences once again. Thus I’ve re-joined some online dating and friend-finding sites in hopes of finding some genuine connections who at least live in the same country as me.

I’ve made some great friends in the online virtual world and have even connected with some potential partners from far away lands. But, nothing beats real human interaction and I’m getting kind of tired of living a virtual life and would love to return to a near reality (social phobia and anxiety issues aside). Yes, I know, I’ve blogged about this before, extensively. And each time I’ve vowed to let go of my hermit lifestyle. But the truth is that I’ll probably always be a home boy (except for when traveling, of course). I prefer going out only when absolutely necessary, or for valid reason to explore unseen territory and experience new things. As for doing pointless things around town or going out on the very plastic/fake/shallow/pretentious gay scene… No thank you. I’d rather stay home on my computer with my online buddies who aren’t shallow queens, or hang out at home with some real friends (who I hope to make in this area). That’s if I can successfully sift through all the conservative nuns, ego-queens, drug addicts and sluts that fill my inbox daily – who knew that finding real friends near-by could be so hard. Or am I looking in all the wrong places?

Maybe I’m just too picky when it comes to who I choose to spend my time with. But honestly, I’d rather be home alone than to go out with some shallow fake bitch who thinks that the world revolves around how much pills you can pop in one night or how many holes you can shove your dick into in one weekend. There’s nothing cool about that, sorry. There’s so much more to life. So many things to experience and so much beauty to behold if only you look within. I’m looking for friends (and potentially a boyfriend) who’s content with life, happy within themselves, and can enjoy a quiet night in, in good company, sipping wine, enjoying a good cocktail, watching a movie or playing games with friends instead of trying to pop every pill in town or fuck every willing partner.

It’s the simple things in life that count. Being able to just relax and enjoy the simple things with someone is what makes life magical. There’s no need for all this fake fluff. Being oneself while enjoying the simple things with someone is even more magical. If I’m in a silly playful mood I want to be my silly self and not worry about having to pretend to be some fake up-tight bitch to impress some random douche who wants nothing but boring NSA sex. Anyway, you get where I’m going with all this. You get the point.

On the contrary, I’ve been told that my fashion blog makes me look shallow and attracts empty-headed label queens who are into nothing but drugs, dick and parties. But, that’s incorrect. If you think that fashion is shallow; you’re shallow. Fashion is art. Do yourself a favor and read up what fashion means to me, then maybe you’ll understand that it is, in fact, not shallow at all. Art and self-expression is never shallow. Following the norm is shallow.

Also, on a side note: One doesn’t have to own high-end fashion to enjoy the beauty of it on others, it’s a universal thing. Thus I love blogging about it even though my wardrobe isn’t filled with designer goods. I can still appreciate and share the beauty of the fabric art.

Anyway, Here’s hoping that I can discover some new local connections with people who have more substance to them than the amount of pills they pop, dicks they suck, or parties they attend. Dear South African online dating and friend-finding sites, please do me proud.



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