I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since The Burning Crusade days but lately I’ve been getting really bored of it. Blizzard Entertainment creates the most epic cinematic trailers with the most engaging MMO story-line and game dynamics, but the archaic in-game graphics and poor animation leaves much to be desired.

The main reason why I’ve stuck with WoW for so long was because of the native Mac OS X game client. I love playing games on my Mac and unfortunately, most of the other MMO’s only run on Windows. However, some friends of mine have finally convinced me to take the plunge and install Windows via Bootcamp on my Retina Macbook Pro so that I can join them in this “new” game they’ve been playing. Enter, Rift


Rift has actually been around for quite some time but a lot has changed since launch. Based on what I’ve read in various online gaming forums, I wouldn’t have considered playing Rift during the early days. It sounds like it really sucked ‘back then.’ Fortunately, Trion Worlds listen to their user base and as a result, Rift has gone from being just another WoW clone to being a complete WoW Killer. And best of all; it’s 100% free to play all content, right up to end game and epic raids. In fact, the best gear and achievements can only be obtained by playing the game. It’s not possible to buy your way to the top, like with other free-to-play games. And you’re not locked out of any zones or quest-lines. Everything is FREE. If you do decide to support the game, you can buy Rift Store credits (which is what I’ve done) or you can subscribe as a patron. This will allow you to buy experience boosts and vanity items such as awesome looking mounts, pets, cosmetic wardrobe gear, etc. You also get loyalty points for buying store credits or subscribing as a patron which can be redeemed for some awesome non-game-changing rewards.

As for the gameplay; it’s super fun. With games like WoW, the fun only starts at end-game raids and everything in between is a tedious grind. But with Rift, the fun starts from the moment you enter the game world. You can partake in open-world raids (Rifts), zone events, dungeons, instant adventures and more. The game world is also very active and populated. There’s always someone around to help you with something or to group up with to form a public raid group to seal rifts or take down zone event bosses. Don’t just take my word for it though; Read this informative review on MMOPRG.com

Click here to join if you want to play with me and look for Gheighei on the Laethys Shard. Also follow my MMORPG Twitter account for game-play updates and screenshots.

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