Let’s all bow our heads for a moment of silence. Thank you. It burdens my heart to share this sad tiding but you have the right to know: Early this morning during a routine laundry session my phone had an intimate moment with the washing machine. Although this is a very sad story I ask you to hold your tears because I do have some good news to lighten these dark times…


My phone is now spending some quality time with some grains of rice, locked away from society in a ziploc bag. If all goes well, this will allow the rice to suck my phone dry, thereby giving it a new chance at life.

Your positive thoughts and monetary donations are welcome (and much appreciated) during these dark times. I will publish another update regarding this matter after a few days have gone by. Let’s hope the rice can suck my phone dry and restore life to it. – Or maybe it’s time I let go, bury the poor thing and forge a new relationship with some other electronic device. If only I had the $$$.

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