Today I’d like to delve into something a little deeper than my average blog posts. You see; I’m on a life-long journey of self creation and self discovery which often leads me to people and tools that help me make the process of continuos growth a little bit easier than it would be if I were to live simply by my own rules.

A couple of days ago I was having a conversation on Twitter with Shannon Seek of Seek Solutions about iOS 7 and the awesome technology that we have at our fingertips today. She mentioned one of her favorite apps, EnneaApp – curiosity peaked, and I decided to take a look at it. What I found completely astounded me. It was an app that, by asking a series of psychological true or false questions, provides you with details about your personality type and suggests steps towards personal growth.

I feel that although I post many personal articles here on my blog; many readers, and even friends, don’t really understand my personality type. I myself have been unsure about certain aspects, and although I know myself pretty well, this app confirmed my self-analysis and opened my eyes to various other aspects of my personality that needs care and attention.

At first I was second guessing whether or not I should be sharing this with the whole wide world. But the point of having my personal blog is to share my personal life, and what better way to do that than to provide you all with a psychological look into my personality type…

My Personality Types

My EnneaApp results placed me in three out of nine possible Enneagram personality types – The following text and images belong to EnneaApp and are property of Hearthstone Counseling LLC…

Most Likely Type: 7 – The Enthusiast

Attempts to avoid fright and pain by escaping into fun, pleasure and imagination. Sees life as limitless possibilities with many options. Moves away from restriction and boredom and goes toward freedom, variety, and interesting experiences. Difficulty with commitment and follow-through. Motto: Don’t worry, be happy. Gifts: outgoing, playful, creative imagination, optimistic, idealistic, love of life. Goal: stay upbeat through current enjoyment and positive future.

Here are some EnneaApp screenshots containing more information about Type 7 including Wings, Subtype, Heart/Stress, Issue and Growth Path…

Second Most Likely Type: 5 – The Investigator

Defends self from intrusion and feelings of inadequacy through protecting privacy. Holds back strong feelings, limits desires and needs, minimalist lifestyle. Security comes through knowledge and information. Enjoys living in own mind and a world of ideas. Compartmentalizes people and situations. Detaches from emotion and life. Gifts: knowledgeable, respectful, mental clarity, dependable, thoughtful. Goal: Achieve total knowledge though objective intelligence

Here are some EnneaApp screenshots containing more information about Type 5 including Wings, Subtype, Heart/Stress, Issue and Growth Path…

Third Most Likely Type: 8 – The Challenger

Believes being strong, powerful, and domineering is the only route to safety. Aggressive and impulsive, expresses anger readily, but has difficulty feeling dependency or “softer” emotions. Admires strength; denies own weakness or fear. Gifts: courageous, good leadership qualities, powerful, straight-forward, protective of the weak. Goal: embody power through control and dominance.

But Is it all just a bunch of BULL?

Unlike astrology, which is nothing but mass cultural delusion that the sun’s apparent position relative to arbitrarily defined constellations at the time of our birth somehow affects our personalities; the EnneaApp results are based on the Enneagram…

More about the Enneagram

The Enneagram is the most powerful system of transformational psychology available today. This practical yet elegant view of humanity describes nine basic personality types and their relationships to one another. It goes beyond mere descriptions of personality to provide a dynamic, compassionate, and comprehensive guide for living your life and interacting with others.

One strength of the Enneagram is its uncanny wisdom, which helps us navigate different emotional styles and understand our feelings and conduct towards others. This counters a significant weakness in our relationships today: the inability to address emotions effectively with others. Not understanding why others communicate the way they do leads to “personalizing behavior,” creating hard feelings and misunderstanding. Emotional frustrations are at the heart of many complications, including: negative attitude, poor communication & lack of understanding, unresolved conflict, and unsatisfying or failed relationships.

Ignoring these issues doesn’t make them go away; the Enneagram can address them directly. The Enneagram doesn’t attempt to solve problems but rather provides knowledge and tools for people to resolve their own conflicts. It also helps us to explore our habitual mental patterns and the defensive motivations that underlie our behavior. It highlights the natural strengths of each personality type and describes a path of growth promoting understanding, self-acceptance , and confidence. Intimate relationships, work and personal lives can then become more effective and satisfying.

The Spiritual Aspect…

Psychology says you are the sum of your thoughts, feelings, sensations and behaviors. Spirituality says you are more… A being of transpersonal essence.

The Enneagram has roots attributed to ancient Sufism and was first introduced to the Western world by Gurdjieff (1887-1949), a self-realization teacher who translated a variety of Eastern esoteric sources of knowledge. It has evolved through many modern teachers and is unparalleled as a tool of self-discovery and self-transformation. The grace and depth of this knowledge springs from enlightened self-observation and the meeting of the best of psychology and spirituality. The Enneagram helps us first identify our personality and, using that information, assists us in the personal process of transcending ego and reaching essence . As with any spiritual discipline, the ultimate goal is not just to “feel better” (although this may happen), but to become truly conscious, to find and express our inner truth, and thus to develop our maximum human potential.
-By Lori Ohlson and Elan BenAmi

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