You have to pardon my lack of recent personal post updates because, well, I’ve been wasting my days watching The Walking Dead back-to-back, non-stop from the start of Season 1 to the end of Season 3. Now I’m finally caught up and can join you guys in viewing and discussing the latest season.

The show is actually seriously gross. But I love it. It’s become one of my favorite TV shows, right up there with Revenge, Scandal, Once Upon a Time, and… Glee. From one extreme to the other; my taste in television entertainment is nearly as ‘rich and colorful’ as my taste in music. I mean, who else has Armin Van Buuren, Britney Spears and Deftones in the same playlist?

A lot has actually been happening in my life since my last Personal Blog update. Turns out I’ll be moving further away from the big city to a small town up north. But more on this later.

Just wanted to let you guys know I’m still here, as always. Follow me on Bloglovin to stay up to date with the latest posts. xoxo

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