I finally have unlimited Internet access here at my new home in Nelspruit, so now I can start blogging on a regular basis again and work on completing my 2014 blog design makeover for you to enjoy. It’s been just over a week since I’ve moved to Nelspruit with my family and I’m nearly all settled in. It took longer than expected to unbox (and to help the family unbox) everything. We also had to purchase a few things for the house including shower heads, new toilet seats, mirrors, etc. My room is about the same size as the one I had back in Atlasville with the exception of not having a built-in closet. So, I’m making use of retail-like clothing racks for everything that is hangable and keeping foldable items in the bottom two drawers of my desk. I might have less storage space over there but the benefits of having more privacy far outshine the no-closet issue. Instead of living in the main house; I’m in a small cottage at the back of the house, complete with my own small kitchen area and bathroom. It’s as if I’m living on my own, with my family as neighbors.

Unfortunately, I’m still without a phone (and thus without a camera) so I haven’t yet taken any pictures to share with you guys. You’ll have to wait until I can get my hands on a new iPhone before I start snapping pics, selfies and vlog videos again. On the upside; we don’t have a pool at this house and therefore I won’t be able to take new gadgets for a swim (LOL?).

I still don’t drive and there is no Gautrain or Uber cab service here in Nelspruit so I have to either get a legal drivers license or find alternative means of transport. Fortunately, though, West End shopping center is within walking distance of my house. It’s not a huge center but it has everything that I might need in general terms (groceries, a hair cut, etc). For everything else I  will continue shopping online as I have been.

I have yet to meet and socialize with anyone here in Nelspruit. I’ve mostly been home, sorting out my stuff and enjoying solitude as usual. It’s also been difficult trying to find anyone to hang out with since I don’t have access to any geolocation social networks until I get a new iPhone. I do know one guy in the area who I’ve been chatting to for a few months already. He’s pretty keen on getting together and helping me explore Nelspruit but I don’t really want to go anywhere without a cellphone. Here’s hoping that I’ll have my phone replaced very soon so that I can start socializing. Not to mention, there’s also a stock shortage in 32GB iPhone models now and I can’t exactly afford the 64GB version.

My thoughts on Nelspruit thus far

I’m absolutely IN LOVE with the climate here, not to mention the beautiful landscape. In Atlasville the hot days were a kind of dry hotness that left me feeling parched and exhausted. Here in West Acres the hot days are tropically humid and quite pleasant. I find this type of heat much more tolerable. I have no idea what Winter is going to be like but judging by the summer evenings; I doubt that Winter will be biting cold. It’s rained a couple of times since we’ve moved here. It wasn’t wild windy thunderstorms like up in Gauteng but a warm, soft and gentle rain. There hasn’t been much wind either. For some reason, mostly due to the climate I guess; It feels like I’m on a permanent holiday or state of bliss and relaxation. I’ll probably adjust to the climate change in-time and then it’ll no longer feel like something special, but for now it’s pretty amazing and I fucking love the permanent holiday feel it provides.

The people of Nelspruit are really friendly and I mean REALLY! Back in and around the greater Johannesburg area people were pretty rude in comparison. I’m used to big city rudeness. I do, after all, want to live in New York City some day. But the friendly nature of Nelspruit residents is quite a refreshing change. Who knows, maybe I’ll love this place so much that I once again become a proud South African and make this my permanent home instead of chasing my New York City dream to the day of realization.  I certainly prefer friendly small town locals over rude, self-centered city queens. Perhaps the friendly nature of Nelspruit locals will help me climb out of my shell a bit and stop me from being such a damn anti-social hermit. We shall see.

Nelspruit’s Landscape is absolutely breathtaking. This is definitely the most beautiful place I’ve ever lived in. Dare I say that I like it even more than the Western Cape? Maybe. Everything is so lush and green. It’s like I’m living in a tropical forrest surrounded by mountains and valleys. I have no idea what the landscape will look like during winter time but most of the plants here seem to be ever-green. I’ll definitely be posting a lot of pictures as soon as I get a new iPhone.

Thus far; I’m in love with Nelspruit and I’m really happy that I’ve moved here with my family.

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