Yes, this is what it has come to: I’m actually cocky enough to release a Potential Boyfriend Application Form, and everyone who attempts to so much as flirt with me, will be directed here to complete this form. I’ve been single for a few years; Not because I can’t find a boyfriend, but because I take relationships seriously and refuse to date just for the sake of not being alone. I’m also quite selective, and I refuse to settle for anything less than I what desire. Granted, no one is perfect, and I don’t expect perfection, but I do have certain requirements and expectations that must be met, in order for anyone to have any chance of being labelled as “my boyfriend.”

So, why not just find a boyfriend on the scene or through a gay dating app? Well, the “gay scene” and the majority of gay dating apps in general, is just too much of an STD slut-fest for me. I have an active profile on most of the popular gay dating apps, but guys on there seem very one-track-minded. Literally every single day I receive messages from guys who are either partnered or married, but looking for discreet “NSA” fun outside of their relationships. I’m not a third wheel, backup, booty-call, nor a home-wrecker, so I’ll pass. Then there are the guys who say that they’re looking for relationships, but they want to stick their dick in me even before we’ve exchanged names. And let’s not forget the PNP sluts, those are the worst; All they can ever talk about is how horny or high they are… Like… Yawn! Bitch, please! Go bore someone else with your self-destruction.

Do you take relationships seriously?

I don’t think that many guys actually understand what it means to be in a healthy, serious relationship. Everyone is so busy trying to build relationships on lust alone, that they forget to even pay any attention to friendship, which is at the core of any healthy relationship. True lovers are best friends first. In a healthy relationship; you don’t have a boyfriend and a best friend; your boyfriend is your best friend. And healthy friendships start with sharing common interests and actually doing many things together, not just having sex. I literally “LOL” at guys who refer to their fuck-buddies as friends or even boyfriends, when all they do is hook up for sex. No, that’s not a relationship, you just have a piece of meat that you regularly get to play with. And that’s not what I want. I take relationships seriously and I want something serious, or nothing at all.

If you find yourself in similar shoes, and deem yourself worthy potential boyfriend material, do complete the form below. All fields are required. If you are unable to answer a certain field, then the position is not for you. I will review all submissions personally and respond to each and every one, individually. Information submitted through this form will be kept private and will not be sold or distributed to any third parties… 

Potential Boyfriend Application Form

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