Another day, another dollar, another blog post. It seems as though this blogging thing is becoming a daily practice for me again. You can thank NaNoWriMo for that. And while you’re here, please follow me on BlogLovin! I’m trying to grow my popularity over there so that I can play with the big boys. Thank you.

Today I wanted to talk about a really quick way to get instant happiness, guaranteed. I’ll try my best not to sound like an infomercial for Glade Plug Ups, but this is really exciting stuff!

You know, I get really depressed sometimes, especially when I do nothing but sit in my room in front of my computer all day, but not anymore! “Not anymore? But how?” you ask. With exercise! “EXERCISE? HUH? WHAT’S THAT?!” Damnit Margaret, calm the fuck down! … Exercise is the best solution for naturally lifting your mood. You just get up, go for a run, and then your foul mood is transformed into an array of happy thoughts and feelings. Ok, ok, I digress. This is indeed starting to sound like a Glade Plug Ups infomercial. Let me get to the point…

 Instant Energy

This might sound silly, but having a workout actually gives you more energy. The hard part is getting started. When I’m feeling down and tired, the last thing I want to do it get up and go for a run. Ironically, that’s the exact thing that I need to do in order to stop feeling tired. And as soon as I actually force myself to do it, I get an amazing natural energy boost just a few minutes into the run. If you’re in a position where you spend most of your day stationary at your desk, or lounging around the house; your lack of movement will actually make you feel more tired over time. You have to force yourself to get up, go for a brisk walk or a run, or even have a full body workout. Don’t feel up for it? Force yourself! It’ll be worth it! Trust me! Just imagine how amazing you would feel with a natural energy boost. Do what I do. Force yourself to get up and move!

Instant Happiness

Exercise has been proven to ease the symptoms of depression and anxiety. I can confirm this to be true, because I suffer from both anxiety and depression. The start of 2014 was a very active time for me. I walked my dog every day, went running twice a week, and had a full body workout every other day. I felt great, motivated, inspired and unstoppable; the best I’ve ever felt in years. I even went on a happy thought twitter spree; tweeting non-stop about how awesome life is and how much I love everything. Then I got busy working on business stuff, and I put my strict exercise routine on hold.

Slowly I started falling back into depression. My energetic mood finished as if someone had stolen it from me and I felt sad and tired. After months of just sitting in my room in front of my computer, never leaving the house, and not getting much exercise at all, I found myself feeling negative about everything. I even started complaining about things on social media again. So much for my happy thought spree. I could’t understand what was wrong. I started questioning my own sanity and mental health. I even wonder if I have bipolar disorder because of the fact that my mood went from epic euphoria to borderline suicidal. I kept forcing myself to try and think happy thoughts, which is mostly what kept me going until today, when something awesome happened…

I was feeling depressed, agitated, and irritated. I couldn’t even focus on work. I was just laying around being bored and thinking negative thoughts. Then I decided to force myself to go for a run. And guess what? Not even 5 minutes into the run and my foul man-period mood turned into sunshine and rainbows! I feel so fucking amazing again!!! I love it! It’s as if I flicked some sort of happy switch, and now I’m sitting here wondering why I haven’t forced myself to get up and do this much sooner! I feel energized, awake, alive, and positive. And I’m not even on happy pills right now. It’s just a natural, energetic high that is the result of a great workout. I’ll definitely be forcing myself to get back into a regular exercise routine. If you’re feeling tired or depressed, get up and go for a run, I can guarantee you that you’ll feel like a brand new person afterwards! xoxo

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