Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my move to the village. No, not this village… I wish! I’m talking about The City of Mbombela (formerly, Nelspruit). It’s been an “interesting” 12 months as resident of possibly the most boring place on earth.  Let’s review what I’ve done to keep myself occupied and entertained, shall we?…

In January, 2014, I experimented with the whole YouTuber thing. For one month, I recorded and uploaded a new video every day, talking about random stuff of whatever was on my mind and whatever I was doing in my daily small-town life routine. Eventually I got bored of it and stopped uploading daily. Many of those vlogs are still available here in my blog archives, however they are password protected. If you were one of the first 50 subscribers to my mailing list, then you would’ve received a password to unlock all content. If not, sorry, your loss.

The rest of the year, I did a lot of traveling throughout the region. I’ve been to pretty much every tourist destination in and around Mpumalanga. From the Lowveld Botanical Gardens, to the Kruger National Park, the many waterfalls around the region, God’s Window, The Pinnacle, etc. I’ve been all over the place. I shared plenty of pics on my Instagram of my local nature explorations. Do check it out.

I watched A LOT of TV throughout 2014, and I mean A LOT!!! There wasn’t much else to do in Mbombela besides fapping, exploring nature, getting really drunk all the time, and more fapping. TV was a good pass-time.

I also resurrected my website and graphic design career in 2014 through DV STUDIO. The Adonis Heights website was my first paid project since resuming business. I also did CSS modification work for various existing websites, as well as copywriting for various online marketing agencies, including sponsored content for my blog.

Other than these things, life has been pretty quiet here in Mbombela. It was almost as if I took a year-long vacation. The relaxing small-town life was great, but the uneventful retirement lifestyle isn’t really my thing. I’m not 100 years old quite yet. I’m ready to return to the real world and get back into a young, fast-paced, high-income, social lifestyle. Maybe I’m even ready for a new relationship. We shall see. Watch this space. xoxo

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