HAPPY NEW YEAR you guys!!! Yeah, I know, It’s already January 4th, 2015 and I’m four days late with my new years post. But it’s ok, because I already wished you happy holidays and a happy new year in December. You forgive me! It’s all good. Anyway, The holidays were awesome and I had great fun with friends and family up in Gauteng. I even made some new friends and spent a lot of time with family I haven’t seen in a long time.

Here are some random pictures from my trip. I should’ve taken many more, but I was so glad to get away from Mbombela, and have an real life for a while, that I didn’t even think of my camera most of the time…

Being back in the Johannesburg area with friends and family, driving around, getting drunk, having fun, doing silly things, and enjoying life really inspired me to envision only the best, most active, abundant, and social life in 2015. However, I won’t be making any strict new years resolutions. I’ll just work harder than before and I’ll continue pushing towards my goals and dreams, whatever it takes. And I’ll definitely get out A LOT more, even if it means having to travel to Gauteng or the Western Cape to actually “get out.” Hermit days begone!

Now that my vacation is over, it’s time for me to get back to work. I’m once again available for all your copywriting, graphic design, website design, and other digital media service needs through DV STUDIO. I’m also working on a new online store where I will be selling all my digital services directly, as well as physical merchandise and products from various sponsors and merchants that I’m affiliated with.

I really want to move back to Johannesburg, or even Cape Town, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for well-paying jobs in my field of expertise that’ll allow me to keep doing my thing on the side, until I earn enough through my own entrepreneurial ventures to fully support myself there, and then ultimately, move to New York City. Yes, I still have big and “irrational” or “delusional” dreams, but not reaching them in 2014 only means that I’ll push harder in 2015.

And now, back to your regular programming of Fashion, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Travel related articles. Watch this space and subscribe, because many awesome things will be coming your way! xoxo

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