I’ve never really understood the whole “fangirl” thing. Sure, I admire, appreciate, and respect many celebrities but I’ve never been head-over-heels in love or obsessed with any celebrity, until now.

Meet Grant Gustin, aka The Flash; the beautiful boy who, by his mere existence, is helping me get over many emotional issues, including finally letting go of an ex-boyfriend who I’ve been crying about since I left him ~3 years ago. It’s quite funny how a new crush on someone I can never have, is helping me move forward and open my heart to the thought and possibility of falling in love with someone new. And now I finally understand what it feels like to go total “fangirl” over someone. I mean, just look at him: Grant Gustin = Love at first sight. Right?…

Giving the best CW eyes I can.

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Unfortunately though, Grant is half way around the world, unaware of my existence, and already happily involved, according to IMDb, with a very lucky girl named Hannah Douglas. I should probably drop this obsession before I become delusional and emotionally attached to someone who probably wouldn’t even give me a second thought if he stumbles across my existence. It’s just so new and strange to me, to have feelings for a celebrity. Is this what it is like to be a fangirl? Am I already delusional?

Will my life, from this moment forward, revolve around researching and e-stalking my new obsession? Will I continue getting butterflies in my stomach every time I see or hear anything related to him? Will I continue feeling alone and cry myself to sleep at night because, he’s not here with me, in my arms? Ok, fine, I’m already delusional. I’m officially a fangirl. Please, notice me Senpai!


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