What? It’s Monday again? What the fuck happened to Tuesday-Sunday? Where’d the week go? Where’d the weekend go? What fuckery is this? Hmm… Let’s recap.

Oh… Netflix… That’s what happened. Note to self: Spend more time on goals and less time on Netflix this week. But wait. What if watching Netflix all day, every day, was my goal? Ha! Ok, so let’s say last week’s goal was to watch Netflix all week. Goal accomplished. Woohoo! *pats self on back*

It’s funny how part of me wants to be organized, busy, and successful; while another part of me wants to quit civilization, and live somewhere in the wilderness (provided there’s Netflix). Part of me wants to work really hard to build my personal brand and business; while another part of me wants to delete myself off the internet, shut everything down, throw in the towel, and become a hippie, or a whore.

But here I am; still doing my thing. And with Monday comes the need for a motivational pick-me-up to get into the right frame of mind for a productive week. Here we go…

Ok, fuck Netflix. I’m ready to get stuff done. I’m ready to build my dream; my empire. Nothing is impossible. Everything is possible. I can have my dream. I believe in myself. I believe in my dream. I don’t have to prove nothing to nobody, except myself. Let’s go!


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