We’re all programmed to be pre-made cutouts of “normal” society with no room for being different: Get born into a traditional family; go to school; learn to think with a limited perspective; pass standardized testing; grow up; get a standard day job; work in the system; be just like everyone else. But if we try to break out of how we’re expected to behave in order to fit in to “normal” society, if we try to live as a free being; we’re titled “mentally ill” or “weird” by those who do not understand the concept of being free, creative, and different.

Many people have told me I’m “weird”, or “strange”, or “too eccentric” for who I am, or they misjudge my lifestyle, taboo interests, and childlike outlook on life because, they don’t understand what it’s like to be different; to think for themselves; to break the rules; to live outside the norm; to go against what is popular or expected; to be their own free being. They do not think outside the box; they see things as they were programmed to see; they believe that the way things are, are just the way things are, and that you can’t do things any other way; they expect everyone to fit in and be “normal”; they expect everyone to think a certain way. But, I am my own person. I love being different and thinking with my own head. Being different sets me free to do what I like. I live how I want. I do what I want. I create what I want. I color outside the lines. I embrace the taboo. And I go wherever my curiosity takes me. I am happy. I am free!

Another individual with a similar mindset said it best:

I wanted to do what I felt passionate about, not what was required by someone else. I wanted to explore the new ideas, not just conform.” – Loki Eliot

I live for being different, thinking for myself, and embracing an alternative outlook on life! Do not expect me to live a traditional life. Do not expect me to clique. Do not expect me to fit in. Do not expect me to act a certain way. Do not expect me to conform to scene behavior. Do not expect me to follow society’s norms. I am a natural free being, not a robot. Your rules and limited ways of thinking do not apply to me.

We are all natural free beings

Stop giving people, churches, organizations, and governments the power to control the way you think, behave, and live. We are all natural free beings. Expected behavior, limiting rules, and pre-defined lifestyles only exist because, many people do not realize that they are natural free beings. We all have the power to think, behave, and live the way we want, and no one can take that power away from us unless we let them.

The way things are, aren’t the way things are. Things are however we want them to be; however we choose them to be. If anyone believes that things must be done in a certain way because, that’s just the way things are, they are disregarding their own freedom and willingly enslaving themselves into a pre-programmed system, designed based on someone else’s personal ideals for the purpose of financial or political gain.

Be Different!

The time has come for you to wake the fuck up. Open your mind, and actually THINK; think for yourself. Question society. Question authority. Question religion. Question government. QUESTION EVERYTHING! Do not simply believe something because it’s written in ONE book. Do not simply follow norms to fit in with whatever everyone else is doing. Educate yourself on how things came to be, and realize that society’s expectations and general behaviors are the products of power-hungry individual’s self-serving interests.

If you want to be happy and free, it is time to start doing things differently! Be different! Be weird! Be eccentric! Be yourself! Be whatever you want to be! Do whatever you want to do! Live however you want to live. You are a natural free being. Your life is yours.

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