Hey guys, wow; what a crazy couple of months it’s been. I’ve actually been putting-off writing this post because, I don’t even know where to begin or what to share, or what not to.

Here are some highlights of what I’ve been up to over the past couple of months…

  • Released self-produced album, Fashion Music – EP, as the first release under my own record label, DV MUSIC. I plan on producing and releasing more music in future. Join my mailing list for release notifications.
  • Launched a new web server, improving the DV STUDIO and DV HOST infrastructure and service offering.
  • Started working with the guys from Zerosonic in Cape Town, designing amazing websites for satisfied clients.
  • Entered the early stages of brand development and apparel design for my own clothing label, DV HOMME, that will soon become available through the DV STORE.

There’s so much DV, but it’s not all about me; I will be donating a percentage of all DV STORE sales to charity. Keep an eye out for an official announcement about this and the related charity, when more products and services become available.

There’s something else that I’ve been wanting to address for some time now; People seem to think I’m way more out-going, have way more friends, attend way more events, and earn way more than I actually do, or that I have access to a wealth of family funds, which I do not.

It’s about time I set things straight…

I don’t mean to blow my own horn, but I’m doing all of this alone, from the confines of my own room, using only the Internet. There’s no going out, no real life friends, and no events; just a whole lot of mental issues and a very limited budget.

I’m pretty impressed by what I’ve been able to achieve thus far, being as lonely and mentally damaged as I am.

Dealing with ADD, Anxiety, Depression, and a low self-esteem make it really difficult for me to go out and do things with real people in the physical world, but it won’t stop me from using the Internet to build my dreams, and it certainly won’t stop me from choosing to focus on the positive, regardless of which circumstances I find myself in!

I haven’t been blogging much about my circumstances, but I’ve been keeping a private journal of everything happening in my life and inside my head. I’m considering making it available here on my website, for those of you who are interested in the more private and controversial details of my life, or the train wreck of what is left of it, anyway, including my deepest, darkest thoughts, secrets, and desires. It’ll be well worth the $4.20 I plan on charging for monthly access, trust me. And If I get enough sign-ups, I may even set up a live video feed in my room, big brother style.

It may be interesting to see how I attempt to build an empire out of nothing, while confined to my room by my own mental issues, and using only the Internet as a means to build and live my life. Would you sign up? Let me know!

Thank you for following my journey!

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