I was sitting here working on a new tune, then I saw the sunrise, experienced an amazing sense of calm, and I decided that, now would be the perfect time to write something new on my blog. I haven’t published anything on here in a while because, I’ve been so consumed with life and other things. Let me tell you, being an entrepreneur but also being an introvert, and struggling with social anxiety issues, is not an easy job. But I haven’t given up on myself yet. And I’m glad that you’re here, sharing in my journey. Please keep sticking around because, great things are happening!

I’m really excited about finally launching my own fashion label, starting with graphic print t-shirts, for which I am expecting the first factory sample to arrive shortly. There’s actually a really funny story behind that specific piece, but more will be revealed soon, along with other designs in the DV HOMME Bold Collection. You may expect some atheist memes and various pro-cannabis featured designs, with more being released as finances permit. I can’t wait to share more details with you but I will say this; patience, young one, patience!

Now, more about that new tune that I’m working on; I’m doing a little experiment where I’m using Garage Band only to self-produce the entire track from start to finish. This is why I love Apple. The Garage Band app seemed somewhat limited at first, but digging a little deeper, I realize it’s quite a power piece of software. Albeit still not on par with Logic Pro and the likes, I believe that Garage Band might actually be capable of delivering some amazing results. I haven’t yet decided whether or not I’ll actually release the tune. I may end up trashing it in a fit of rage if I can’t make it sound the way I want, or I might put it aside as a track for a new album.

I’ve also been working on another project with Zerosonic, and I’m available directly, should you ever find yourself in need of my website and graphic design services.

Thanks for reading! – DV

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