Hey. You’re here? Ok, good. Thank you. Let’s discuss the reason why my personal blog has been so fucking dead, shall we? Truth be told; I’ve had a bit of an online identity crisis; having to decide which direction to take with my brand. Do I drop all personal aspects and put up a fake and pre-defined “professional” persona like everyone else does, or do I open up my true self despite the fact that it could cost me dearly in terms of business advancement. You know, no matter how good you are at something; certain conservative sheep of society won’t interact with you, and most certainly won’t do business with you unless you fit a certain stereotype of professionalism. This involves having to be robotic, avoiding personal topics, not sharing any opinion on anything, being politically correct at all times, and avoiding any talk of lifestyle, religion or politics.

Unable to make up my mind about which direction to take, I’ve let my blog decay over time; only publishing sponsored content in the media section. I started focusing more on my social media accounts, and being openly honest, blunt, and opinionated, only to find that I can’t get brand recognition or brand profile verification on some networks due to my openness.

I’m so sick and tired of a society full of dumb cunts in which one can only succeed when appealing to the masses by becoming a dumbed-down version of oneself. Appeasing religious fanatics, ignorant conservatives, and bending to the rules of people with a lower IQ just isn’t my cup of tea. I refuse to fit into a pre-labeled box and I refuse to abide by someone else’s rules of how things should be done. I’m not a fucking robot. I’m not a fucking sheep. And unlike the majority of society, I possess the capability of actually living outside the box, thinking freely, and not being limited by society’s behavioral rules of conduct.

By nature, we’re all free beings; free to think and do whatever the fuck we want, however the fuck we want to do it. Some people only buy into a stereotype way of conducting themselves because, they’ve either been brainwashed into it through religion or, they haven’t developed the mental capacity to realize that they are their own person and that, anything can be done in any way. In reality there is no such thing as “This is the way things are and this is the way things are done.” If you buy into that bullshit, I hate to inform you but you’re nothing but a pre-programmed slave under someone else’s control; whether it be religious, political, financial or otherwise.

Everything that you think you are; everything that you believe is normal; everything that you accept as “the way things are” or “the way things are done” has been pre-programmed into you through religion, mainstream media, peers, or parents. You may think that you’re in control and that you make decisions based on what is right in your mind but, you fail to realize that the way you think has been pre-programmed by others, not yourself. You are NOT a free-thinker. You are not in control of your own mind. You are merely regurgitating subconsciously engraved thought-patterns and behaviors.

Unlike you. I am free. It took me over 6 years of solitude and a fuck load of reading and meditating to free my mind to a point where I’m actually thinking my own thoughts. And I’m still going through the process of achieving total control over my own mind..The more I come to learn and control my own thoughts, the less fucks I give about society’s general expected way of thinking, living, and doing things. Unfortunately, this has made it difficult for me to build a wealthy, thriving business within society because, everything I am, everything I’m interested in, and everything I do goes against what is being accepted as normal.

On the other hand; all this brought me to a point where I no longer give a fuck about normality – where I no longer buy into the whole bullshit of having to think a certain way, do things in a certain way or prevent myself from thinking or doing certain things because of someone’s else’s made up rules. Thus, I’ve finally come to a decision of which direction to take with my personal blog: my own direction. This is me, this is my outlet. This is my space where I can do and say whatever the fuck I want, however the fuck I want. This is where I can vent personal frustrations and mix business with pleasure. This is where I can tell you how fucked-up your stupid religious bullshit is, while still being able to offer you better business services than what most of your sheep-like peers can provide. This is where I can talk about sexual fetishes and alternative lifestyles. This is where I open myself, spill my guts, and where I don’t give a single flying fuck whether you like it or not. I’m not here to fit your stereotype of what a blog or business site should be. I’m here to share my alternative lifestyle and free-thinking wisdom with the world. A new era is dawning for DAVIDVENTER.NET – Watch this space and open your mind, or go fuck yourself 🙂

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