Hello (Again) World!

January 5, 2022
Hello (Again) World!

by | Jan 5, 2022 | David Venter, Personal Blog

The David Venter blog is back! Some of you may recall the many changes that this domain has gone through over the years…

It started off as a personal blog and daily journal of my activities, travels, opinions and projects. Over time it morphed into a fashion blog, focusing mostly on high-end fashion shows and sponsored fashion features. There was even a time when I shared all fashion show videos, received various high fashion pieces from sponsors for review, and got mentioned in prominent news and fashion media outlets such as the Huffington Post, Nowness and iFabbo.

My life, interests, and focus changed over time and eventually this domain featured less fashion and became more of a portal to my own clothing label, business and music. Fast forward a couple of years and my focus shifted once again with my website’s content going back to something more personal again, albeit mostly links to my personal Social Media profile feeds, and my personal merchandise and music, but no blog.

There hasn’t been a blog on this domain for quite a number of years but I have the urge to circle back to where it all began and to start writing and blogging again. Whether or not people still read blogs in this day and age is irrelevant to me. I still read blogs and I want to do this again. So, I’m doing it.

It’s nice to once again have a self-hosted, privately controlled platform and outlet for sharing my personal views, interests, opinions, hobbies, projects, writings, and whatever else I feel like sharing – without having to rely on public social network limitations and content moderators in order to do so.

This is my domain; my server; my platform; my blog. I have the freedom to do anything I want with it; publish anything I want (within law and reason, of course), and my desire to start blogging again has finally reached the point where I’ve actually set it up again. It’s here, it’s public, and it’s happening!

The over-all design of the website and blog is still a work in progress so the look and feel of things may potentially change over time. My website is built using responsive design elements but if you see anything out of place on whichever device you’re viewing this on, please let me know.

Watch this space

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