Here we go again: Another Trip Around The Sun

January 6, 2022
Here we go again: Another Trip Around The Sun

by | Jan 6, 2022 | David Venter, Personal Blog

This year will mark my 35’th trip around the sun and it’s been one hell of a ride.

But speaking of trips around the sun; something new and awesome is on it’s way to also making trips around the sun and I’ve been nerdgasming over it.

Nerdgasm: “When one experiences subsequent events of nerdiness, fandom, or geekiness that causes a sensory overload, loss of bodily functions, and a climax deep within the brain, in the section that recognizes specific information concerning comic books, occult television shows, video games, or electronics that only a specific section of the population would actually know about.

Space and Science related things always gives me a nerdgasm. I sometimes wonder if I’m in the wrong profession. I would’ve loved to do nerdy science things, especially in space. Few things are as exciting as exploring the universe and advancing man kind in the process. After decades of development, collaboration, and an insane amount of money spent on the project; NASA is about to enable scientists to explore the universe in an entirely new way – perhaps even giving us a glimpse of the origins of our existence.

Introducing the James Webb Space Telescope

The video below is about four years old, but in talks with friends and family, I’ve come across too many people that weren’t even aware of the telescope’s existence – as if the vastness of the universe and the origins of solar systems, stars, planets, and life itself (perhaps even Alien life) is of no concern to them. We are but not even a tiny spec in the greater scheme of time and space, with limited knowledge of the universe. This telescope is about to give scientists, and the human race as a whole, a much needed ‘schooling’ in the size, age, origins, and functions of whatever it’s going to get pointed at. So, for those of you who have no idea what the James Webb Telescope is all about, the following video should get you up to speed…

The James Webb Space Telescope is finally complete and got blasted into outer space on Christmas Day, last year. It’s now on its way to orbit around the sun. NASA set up a dedicated website for tracking Webb’s location and progress. It’s quite exciting to keep an eye on this amazing instrument. The general masses don’t seem to be interested in all this science stuff but I’m definitely nerdgasming over it. Maybe I should’ve become a scientist?

At the time of writing, Webb is approximately 993222 Kilometers away from Earth, well past the moon, and about 68% towards its destination. I can’t wait for it to reach L2 orbit and for the scientists to start studying the furthest reaches of the universe. Who knows what they’ll discover; the origins of everything, alien life, things that we’ve never even imagined? I haven’t been this excited about anything since the first time I discovered another boy’s penis. We’re about to explore the universe in a way that no other telescope has been able to. The James Webb Space Telescope is some next level shit and it’s going to blow our minds!

If all of this is giving you a nerd boner too, then click (or tap) HERE to see all the latest news related to the James Webb Space Telescope.

And In other news, back here on Earth…

It’s crazy how time flies. It feels like I was born just yesterday. Blink and take a breath, and it feels like I was chilling in a diaper playing on the beach a couple of hours ago. Blink and take another breath, and it feels like I was running a multimedia company and slaving away in corporate just an hour ago. Another blink and another breath, and it feels like I’ve just had my 21st birthday a couple of minutes ago. One more blink and one more breath and here I am, sitting in my bedroom, on my journey to my 35th trip around the sun, and wondering that the fuck I’ve done with my life up to this point.

I’m going to literally lose my mind if I keep thinking about this; overthinking this, so instead I’m going to center myself and recap on what I’ve accomplished since the beginning of my previous trip around the sun.

2021 Recap: A Year in Review

My 2021 was rather uneventful, global pandemic notwithstanding. I feel like, due to my mental state, it would’ve been uneventful even if the human race as a whole weren’t being limited and forced into a state of pause. I’m afraid that I have no mind-blowing news to share with you. If you’ve been following me on social media, you’re already aware that it’s been rather uneventful around these parts. That said, I do feel like I have made some progress and achieved some things, albeit mostly internal, personal matters of mental health, and personal development related to world-view, mindset and emotions. But yes, there has been some outwardly visible things too.

Throughout 2020 and leading into 2021, I got sick of random dudes sending me dick pics and then getting angry if I don’t reciprocate. The receiving of unsolicited dick pics is not the problem. I like dick. I mean, who doesn’t? Dick is amazing, right? But, getting angry when I don’t thirst after it, or if I don’t respond with a dick pic of my own? Well, that’s just annoying! As a joke, I decided to set up an OnlyFans account. I’m no supermodel or porn star, but the idea was to put a basic close-up picture of my no-no area(s) on OnlyFans, and when guys send me unsolicited dick pics and demand one in return, I simply drop them the link to my OnlyFans page (18+). I mean, if some random person wants to see it badly enough, they can pay for it – that way I’d at least get something out of it too. What started off as a joke actually surprised me and became a much appreciated extra income steam as well as a self-confidence boost. I don’t consider myself an OnlyFans model, porn star or “celebrity.” I’m just your average skinny boy next door but I’m embracing the concept by keeping my basic no-no area pictures and videos up there for those who are willing to throw money to see it. I’ve also attempted the Locktober challenge, where one has to lock your penis in a chastity cage for a month, and I shared that experience on my OnlyFans page as well. If you don’t know what that is or why anyone would do it, I’ve written about it extensively on OnlyFans, so check it out, if you’re so inclined. It was fun doing naughty things while stuck at home in lockdown and getting paid for it. Mother, if you’re reading this, I’m “sorry” that your “baby boy” is now a “$5 whore” – sorry that you had to find out THIS WAY, but in my defense, I did climb to the top 30% of OnlyFans creators at $5 a pop, so you should be proud that you’ve birthed a person who’s apparently pretty enough to get paid for displaying his natural form without clothes, just the way that “God” intended. Kudos to you, mother!

I’ve also re-joined the Metaverse last year, and started DJ’ing again – streaming my live-mix sets into virtual venues in Second Life; real me behind my real DJ decks in Real Life, streaming my set into Second Life where my 3D avatar is behind 3D virtual decks, performing to a crowd of other 3D avatars, all controlled by other real people; all listening in to my live-mix sets. Later on in the year, I also started live-streaming video of my live-mix sets to my TikTok page, and I’m considering doing that again this year, but I have some licensing issues to consider as not all platforms are licensed to stream copyrighted music, and they tend to punish their users for doing so rather than taking accountability for it themselves and obtaining a licence for their platform. I did manage to record one of my TikTok Live video streams and I have uploaded the hour-long video recording to my OnlyFans page (Yes, I share more than just my “no-no areas” on my OnlyFans page).

Near the end of 2021, I have also recoded a new audio-only live-mix set (that made it into the top-100 global electro chart). I’ve uploaded it to my MixCloud page. And here it is. Enjoy…

If you’d like to hear (or see) me play live, check out my Listen Live page for information, or keep an eye on my Blog and my Music page for future live-mix set recordings. If you’d like to attend my live-mix sets in the metaverse, please join the Euphoria Technotronica group in Second Life.

2022 Roadmap: a Taste of Things to Come

This year has already gotten off to a great start. I’ve reconnected with some estranged friends, and I’ve started blogging again, but I’m weary of sharing too much related to what’s to come because, based on previous endeavors (if you’ve been following me on social media, you’ll know all about this) I’ve gotten my hopes up too many times, and promoted one too many ‘work-in-progress’ projects, only to have them come crashing down or blow up in my face due to a lack of resources and struggles with mental health. So, this year, I won’t be making any promises, grand reveals, or pre-mature promotions of things to come, but I do have a roadmap of what I’d like to acquire and accomplish during this next trip around the sun, all of which require significant financial support:

  • Replace my aging, discontinued iMac with a new, more capable MacBook Pro, so that I can do more, and create more higher quality digital content.
  • Replace my basic Numark DJ decks with more advanced mixing decks, and upgrade my Beatport Link account and streaming server to enable higher quality audio streams and live-set recordings for you to enjoy.
  • DJ and record live-mix sets more frequently and consistently than in previous years.
  • Obtain a new midi keyboard to replace the one that’s been murdered by a power surge.
  • Produce and release another Single or EP (This may or may not happen depending on, or regardless of obtaining a new midi keyboard).
  • Blogging, blogging, and some more blogging, related to both my Real Life and my Second Life.

There are quite a number of things that I’ve purposely omitted from this list due to the reasons mentioned above, but in order for any of those omitted things to occur, everything else that is on the list needs to first come to fruition. Rather than aiming too high, I’m taking things slow, in baby steps, but ever moving forward. If you’d like to assist me, please consider becoming a patron via my Patreon page. This is of course entirely optional and you are under no obligation to assist me in any way. You’re free to enjoy my free content for free, and if you think my content is trash and you’re only here to fish for gossip material, that’s perfectly fine too and I’m glad to be of service.

On that note, I’m going to end this post before it turns into a book. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading! I wish you a happy and prosperous 2022. May you enjoy our next trip around the sun!

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