I’ve been busy

August 17, 2022
I’ve been busy

by | Aug 17, 2022 | David Venter, Personal Blog

Howdy family, friends, fans, clients, sponsors, and random internet strangers who are visiting my website for the first time! I know it’s been a while since I’ve published anything, even though I’ve said that I would be doing a lot of blogging this year. Truth be told; And as some of you may already know; My struggle with mental health has been a debilitating issue for a very long time, but I’ve been making some great progress, and I’ve been rather busy since regaining some much-needed inspiration and motivation.

Remember my 2022 Roadmap? Let’s recap and see what I’ve completed so far:

  • Obtain a new midi keyboard to replace the one that’s been murdered by a power surge.

Okay, so I’ve only done one thing from the list, so far. I have a new midi controller! I can make new music! YAY! Have I made new music though? Nope, not yet. I’ve been really busy with many other things…

Remember Vervean Media? – The company I founded back in 2007 that specialized in adVERtising and eVEnt mANagement MEDIA. Amongst the various services that my company provided, digital media (graphic design, website design, etc.) were the most sought-after and the most successful services. My company served some high-profile clients including famous DJ’s, Authors, and even the South African government. Unfortunately, due to problematic personal and mental health struggles that became totally debilitating after an extremely traumatic event, I had no choice but to cease operations in 2011.

Over the years that followed, I’ve been doing as much as I could force myself to do. I’ve created some blog and social media content; produced and released some music; created and sold some merchandise; and dabbled in various new things such as cryptocurrency trading, adult entertainment, etc. But my mental health kept being a barrier to success, and I still lacked both motivation and discipline. Not only was my mental health still a barrier, but I also fought cancer (Hodgkins Lymphoma) for a couple of years; finally beating it in 2019. It’s been a long journey getting back to where I’m finally starting to feel like a somewhat functional human being again – one with drive, motivation, goals, dreams, and dare I say; discipline.

I think the fact that I’ve started taking Testosterone booster supplements is also helping a lot! Perhaps my depression, low energy, and lack of motivation was really just due to a hormone imbalance. If you are also dealing with depression and nothing seems to be working, try taking some T-boosters for a couple of months. You’ll be surprised at what a huge difference it will make.

I’m now also aware that I’m neurodivergent – On the Autism Spectrum, which provided much-needed clarity regarding my previous relationship, the way I interact socially, and my general behavior and lifestyle. Having done an Autism assessment, and discovering this about myself kind of felt like getting to know myself properly for the first time. Things (social situations, past experiences, my interests, my quirks, etc) are now making a lot more sense. I no longer feel broken or that there’s something “wrong” with me. As it turns out; I’m just not neurotypical, which to me, seems like a good thing. It’s also comforting to know that there are other really successful people who are also on the spectrum such as Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and many others. So the entire stigma around Autistic people being disabled or incapable is simply ignorant and inaccurate. We are more than capable of doing great things – often exceeding that of neurotypical individuals. A fun way to think about this is; it’s like having a superpower – Yeah, I’m weird and awkward as fuck; yeah, some people just don’t understand me, but guess what, I can do really awesome things!

Since around 2019, I’ve been focused on slowly building myself back up and returning to my roots, so to speak – getting back into things that I know I’m good at, and things that once provided me with an affluent lifestyle. Website design is one of those things. I’ve considered pulling Vervean Media out of the abyss and resurrecting my once successful, but now dead AF company, but it was registered as a Closed Corporation which is no longer a functional business type in South Africa. The registered trade name has been marked as non operational. I would have to request to have it re-established as a Pty. (Ltd) company, and basically do the registration process all over again. Not only that, but I also let the domain name lapse, and someone else keeps grabbing it out from under me (Rude!) every time it becomes available again; probably hoping for me to purchase it back from them at an inflated price, but I’m not going to bite. So, I’ve given up on the prospect of resurrecting that trade name and company, for now. Instead; I’m focusing my efforts on various new ventures as a Sole Proprietor – one of which has finally, officially launched. It’s no longer a “working on it” or “maybe coming soon” kind of scenario. It’s actually fully operational. I already have my first client and I’m ready to work with more…

Introducing CloudPress.Studio, a new full-service, premium website design agency and managed website service provider; specializing in domain registration, website design, web hosting, updates, maintenance, and upgrades. If you’re in need of a Managed Website Service provider, take a look and get in touch!

I’ve also been working on another project since late 2019, and that too, is nearly ready for launch. Remember DV HOMME? My clothing label, which kinda ‘fizzled out’ and then over time morphed into my personal merchandise store? Well, I’ve been working on a whole new clothing brand. It’s been nearly three years in the making and I’m finally ready to talk about it again because, it too, is no longer just a “working on it” or “maybe coming soon” thing. It’s actually ready for launch! The launch date is set for next month; September 2022. The new DENTER CLOTHING website and online store is already finished and fully functional. The only thing that’s left to do is to upload the remainder of the new product catalog and then make it public. I’m really excited about this new clothing brand! Click here to view a Press Release that was sent out recently on PRLOG and follow @dentcloth on twitter for official launch notifications.

Circling back to music; Will I make new music now that I once again have the tools to do so? Of course! Eventually… (Maybe I’ll drop another single before the end of the year, who knows), but I wanted to get my real ‘bread & butter’ ventures up and running first. Music isn’t something I do to make an affluent living; I’m way too obscure for that. You all know that I’m not a famous mainstream musician; I’m just an independent niche genre artist. But you should know that I’m also somewhat of an entrepreneur, and prefer to build multiple income streams rather than just focussing only on one thing. ‘Putting all your eggs into one basket’ is never a good idea.

So, in closing; yes, I’ve been quiet; no, I haven’t blogged as much as I was planning to; but yes, I’ve been busy. CloudPress.Studio is up and running. DENTER CLOTHING will launch very soon. And you may expect some new music from me some time in the future. You may also see some changes around here on my personal website, such as my Merch store now redirecting to the DENTER CLOTHING website, but I’ll elaborate on that in a future post – with more changes to come to my personal site; restructuring pages and menus, and providing more detail on my professional life, etc.

I’m still here; still doing my thing – doing what I can, where I am, with what I have. And I feel really fucking proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished thus far, despite all the shit that I’ve been through. Thank you for reading – joining me on my journey – and for your continued support!

Much love! xoxo

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