Just Launched: DENTER CLOTHING (dentcloth.com)

September 1, 2022
Just Launched: DENTER CLOTHING (dentcloth.com)

by | Sep 1, 2022 | David Venter, Professional Blog

It’s official, the DENTER CLOTHING online store is now live and accessible to all.

This new clothing brand and website has been in the works since late 2019. Initially, I was aiming for a June/July 2020 launch but life and stuff kept getting in the way of things. Despite all that; there’s been steady progress, and I’m proud to present the new brand, the new website, and the first collection of over 80 new products; now available at https://dentcloth.com with most products shipping worldwide. There are a few exceptions due to logistical limitations from some manufacturing partners, but a forwarding shipping provider has been recommended for the few products that can’t be shipped internationally from the manufacturing facility, so there is still a way to get everything, delivered to anywhere, worldwide! Take a look…


More products are still on the way, including holiday, seasonal, and themed items. I invite you to join the DENTER CLOTHING Mailing list to receive 20% OFF your first purchase of $100 or more, and to be notified about special offers, new product announcements, seasonal discounts, and any sales or competitions that may be held from time to time.

Creating this brand has been a dream-come-true for me. Ever since I first introduced my personal merchandise, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of creating an entire clothing brand – one that is both high quality, and environmentally sustainable.

It feels great that this is no longer just a dream; it is real! I did it!


My previously released merchandise is also still available, along with a couple of new items under the new DENTER X VENTER Label, as part of the DENTER CLOTHING Brand – now available exclusively at dentcloth.com. The DV HOMME and David Venter Online Store is no longer accessible, but clicking on the Merch or Merchandise buttons and banners here on my personal website will now direct you to the DENTER X VENTER product category on the dentcloth.com online store.

I endeavor to collaborate with other artists, content creators and clothing brands from time to time, to create and release more co-branded “DENTER X (artist/creator/brand name)” merchandise such as the DENTER X VENTER and DENTER X adidas® collections that are now available.

What is a DENTER anyway?

Denter is not an official word in any established dictionary. It’s a made-up word; a play on words derived from my name; David vENTER and the meaning that I’ve assigned to it: “a Denter is someone who is different than what is considered normal or typical; someone who behaves, lives, or thinks differently. This includes rebels of societal norms, neurodivergent individuals, and anyone who is considered different or unique.” I guess it could perhaps be considered a synonym for atypical.

Throughout my entire life, I’ve been told I’m weird; different – that people don’t understand me. I’ve always done things differently and I’ve never really fit into any of society’s cookie-cutter boxes of behavioral norms. I used to see this as a bad thing; I was always desperately trying to fit in; find my place. Now, I’m accepting the fact that I’m atypical; a Denter; and embracing that fact rather than trying to fight against it. Why be just like everybody else anyway? Mainstreaming is not for me. I value my individuality, and I’ve created this brand for people who also value theirs.

Wearing the DENTER or DENT CLOTH brand means that you’re proudly displaying your divergence from mainstream societal norms, and that you’re also supporting an eco-conscious and sustainable fashion industry.

An Eco-Conscious Approach

Sustainability is important to me, and the DENTER CLOTHING brand was created with an eco-conscious and sustainable approach to manufacturing and distribution. The general fashion industry as a whole is extremely wasteful and not at all environmentally friendly. I didn’t want to become a part of the problem so, I chose sustainable materials, clean manufacturing techniques, and eco-conscious manufacturing and shipping partners.

Click here to learn more about the DENTER CLOTHING sustainable production process, clean manufacturing technologies, sustainable materials, packaging, and shipping. Also check out the Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about the new clothing brand.

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