A new Electronic Music Project in Second Life

January 13, 2022
A new Electronic Music Project in Second Life

by | Jan 13, 2022 | Second Life Blog

The music scene in the Metaverse is filled with great talent and buzz. There are hundreds, if not thousands of live music venues, virtual clubs and communities for nearly every type of performance and genre of music imaginable. From realistic, multi-performer theatre and ballet shows, to live singers, live-mix DJ’s, and everything in-between. Second Life is a dream destination for both artists and fans alike.

As an artist myself, but one struggling with social anxiety, performance anxiety, and stage-fright, Second Life has enabled me to perform and share my passion for music despite my social shortcomings, and it’s been an absolutely amazing experience. I am often astounded by the positive feedback and support from those attending my live-mix sets in Second Life. Seeing others enjoy my art makes me enjoy it even more.

Due to my social shortcomings, I haven’t been able to perform live in Real Life, to a real human crowd, in nearly a decade. But in Second Life, I’ve been doing it on an almost monthly (sometimes even weekly) basis since my return to the metaverse around October of 2021. Yes, there’s still a crowd (of 3D avatars), and each avatar is controlled by a real human, so there’s still some level of anxiety, but it’s greatly reduced in comparison to doing it in real life. And unlike real life local music venues, I am able to share my art with people from all over the world. Want to see and hear me play live? No need to hop onto a plane to fly to South Africa – simply log in to the Metaverse, teleport your avatar to my location, and join the party. And for those who aren’t into virtual reality, I have my live audio stream embedded here on my website as well.

Social shortcomings aside, there’s something else that’s been making it difficult, or in some cases even impossible, to attend live music events in real life; The global pandemic caused many events to get cancelled, venues to shut down, and artists to seek alternative means and platforms for sharing their work. Many have turned to audio and/or video live-streaming and virtual-world events. Second Life has been a beacon for many during this time. Even video games such as Fortnite shifted to a virtual world and virtual event focus due to the global pandemic but I’m not a fan of Fortnite for various reasons that I don’t want to get into right now. Second Life remains my virtual world of choice due to it’s creative freedom and passionate community of virtual world residents. Which brings me to the topic of this post…

A Second Life Group for True Electronic Music Lovers

While I do enjoy most genres of music and respect the general art-form overall, I do have a very specific taste when it comes to the genres of music that I produce, mix, and listen to on a daily basis. I’m all about that underground electronic music vibe, consisting mostly of Electronica, Minimal, House, Techno and related sub-genres.

Second Life is so vast that it’s sometimes difficult to find venues and DJ’s focusing specifically on only these genres and sub-genres. There are massive groups and many venues for Electronic Music in general but their notices are often flooded with ALL Electronic Music genres including EDM, Trance, Hardstyle, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Trap, etc. I was unable to find a group or community focused specifically and only on Electronica, Minimal, House and Techno.

The great thing about Second Life, is that you can find nearly anything that you can imagine, and in cases such as these; if you’re unable to find it, you can create it. Thus I’ve started a new Electronic Music Project (Second Life Group) focused specifically on Electronica, Minimal, House, Techno, and related sub-genres (such as lounge, chill, progressive house, melodic house, deep house, deep techno, etc.)

I’ll be posting my own live-mix set notices within the group, but my hope is to also find other talented virtual-world DJ’s that also live-mix in these specific genres, and get them to also post notices in the group whenever they perform, regardless of when or where they perform. The group will then essentially become an access point and community for all true electronic music lovers who are as obsessed with these specific genres as I am. The goal is to eventually have enough DJ’s in the group so that there’s always someone live-mixing somewhere at any given time, and anyone looking for live-mix sets in these specific genres can open the group notice tab and find a talented DJ performing live. And what better way to make friends and build a community than with those who are passionate about the same genres of music – it’s all about the music!

If you’re a fan of these specific genres and enjoy listening to talented live-mix DJ’s, and would like to make friends with like-minded individuals, I hereby invite you to join the group in Second Life. it’s free to join and you’re welcome to participate in group chat.

If you are a live-mix DJ specializing in these specific genres in Second Life, please get in touch for the ability to post notices within the group, or contact any one of the group officers directly in Second Life for the same.

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