In a recent article I noted Web 2,0 and added on that there “should” be Biz 2.0 as well. Our human minds keep evolving and we become more open to new ideas and ways to implement them that we have already entered a new era on the Internet called Web 2.0; a new improved way of website programming that allows the user experience to improve dramatically. Yet in business, 90% of us are still doing things the ‘old-school’ way. there are even some people our there that don’t yet realise the potential of the Internet and having an online presence for your business. Unfortunately those are the same people that would slow us down from entering a new Era of the workplace, or Biz 2.0 as I call it.

The Classic Method and its Limiting Stereotypes:

We have all learnt and been believed the following to be true about business. our minds have been intentionally programmed in such a way that anything other then the “beliefs” below instantly causes us to think that the business or question is simply not professional enough or capable of doing the job. Now please note that I am not totally against all of these beliefs but I am just writing this to point out the limiting stereotypes.

  • The business owner must dress in formal attire and always conducts himself in a professional business-like manner.
    This stereotype is completely ridiculous. It makes us believe the person is taking his business seriously and want to appear neat and professional to potential clients and that (s)he knows what (s)he is doing. Ever so often you find that you’re not satisfied with the service and there goes the belief. Yet when we meet someone that looks “average” or “unprofessional” we instantly believe that they are incapable of doing the job, when in actual fact they could me more capable and deliver better results then the “big professional company/person” and regardless of whether we choose the professional businessman or the average looking freelancer we only have a 50% change of receiving good service. This stereotype also makes it hard for ‘easy going’ people to obtain great success in business if their main client base is filled with the stereotyping conservatives. How limiting is this? Don’t you think that this is absolutely ridiculous?
  • Work must be done in a office with set rules and business hours, all staff must dress in formal attire and conduct themselves in a professional business manner at all times, if you aren’t busy then act busy otherwise people will think that you are lazy or unprofessional.
    Too often I would hear a friend complain about his/her boss and what a slave-driver he/she is and that even if there is nothing to do at the office you should still look busy otherwise he/she might think that you a slacking on the job. They would also be banned from using social networking or do anything personal while at the office otherwise they could lose their jobs. This is where I say ‘OH MY GOD, WHO THE FUCK CARES?!” I think that’s its absolutely pathetic that some business owners expect their staff to behave like robots for 9 hours a day. My simple belief is that if the work gets done on time and meets the clients highest expectations then the staff should be free to do whatever else they want to do, be it browse the internet and chat to friends from the office, or even leaving the office early. AS LONG AS THE WORK GETS DONE PROFESSIONALLY AND ON TIME NOTHING ELSE SHOULD MATTER!!

There are many more examples of the classic beliefs and limiting stereotypes but I will go over those at another time. My idea is to slowly make you get used to the fact that business is only transacting and exchanging goods or services, no more different from ordering a pizza over the phone shopping for groceries. Surely you don’t expect the pizza delivery guy to show up in a Benz wearing a suit and you don’t expect the grocery staff packing staff to greet you personally and wear a suit, conducting themselves in a professional business manner, they’re just there to help you find something or repack the racks right? So why on earth would you expect these things from any other business deal? At the end of the day its all the same, its nothing but a simple exchange of product or service.

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