If you want your business to grow, you have to keep on expanding your reach and building new business relationships by optaining new business contacts on a regular basis. Here are three steps to help you make new business contacts:

  1. Say YES! when invited to a business networking event, a meeting, or a party. It’s so easy to find multiple reasons to stay in the office, at home or in front of the computer. What you will miss are the unplanned, serendipitous moments that happen in the face-to-face space.
  2. Avoid prejudgements. They’re often dead wrong. The person “dressed for success” may have the outer appearance but that’s all. Someone that does not necesarily “look the part” according to your standards might be able to deliver better results then the person that is “dressed for success.” – ALWAYS Keep this in mind to avoid prejudgement! Our lesson in business and life: Don’t judge a book by its cover!
  3. Talk to people who are alone. They’ll be pleased that you have. Start with small talk. “How are you?” “Have you been here before?” Exchange ideas, thoughts, information and cards.
  4. Follow up with new contacts. It’s the key to building successful business relationships.

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