There are plenty of advice available for people who want to legally make money online. However most of it, unfortunately, is offered by people selling ridiculous get rich quick schemes, so calles instant money makers or, even worse, scams. If anybody tells you that making money online is “effortless” or “quick” then alarm bells should be sounding for you. If you seriously want to legally make money online then you need to be prepared to put in all the necessary work.

Nonetheless, the rewards for getting it right are massive. Not just in terms of your income but, perhaps more importantly, in terms of the improvement in lifestyle that comes if you can work from home. Initially you have to work harder to start your business but, once it has, you could work as little as 4 hours a day in return for a fantastic improvement in your quality of life.

So what are the best ways to legally make money online?… Each of these steps outlined offer a basic introduction to the most effective ways to generate an income for yourself and your family working from your own home. Each has the potential to provide anything from a little extra cash to a very healthy full time income. They are not presented in any order of preference and it should be noted that most successful Entrepreneurs use most, if not all of these, techniques to legally make money from home.

1. Affiliate Programs: Fundamentally, if you act as an affiliate it means that you advertise other products in return for commissions on any sales made by a customer who has arrived at the product via a link from your advertisement. This way to legally make money online is best achieved by placing advertisements in the form of banners or contextual links on your website or blog. You will need to learn a little about web design or blogging. once your site or blog is designed you can place your affiliate links on them (As seen in the sidebar of this website) and, if done correctly, will soon start earning some commission. You don’t even need a website as you can use “Landing Pages” such as facebook pages, Hubpages or Squidoo lenses to advertise your affiliate products. Furthermore some products don’t even require that you make a sale. They ‘convert’ (meaning pay commission) for you sending them possible customers which they can then promote to (often known as ‘leads’). However the best commissions are invariably earned for referrals that result in direct sales.

You can find affiliate programs for products in many ways. Search engines, directories, forums and social networks are a few of the places you could find affiliate programs but perhaps the best places to start are within affiliate networks such as the SFI Marketing Group. Affiliate pay-outs can be extremely high and it is not unusual for successful Internet Entrepreneurs to earn substantial incomes this way.

Sounds easy to legally make money online with affiliate programs then? But of course it is not that simple. It’s totally useless having a great site or blog with high quality affiliate links if no one is looking for or visiting your links. No traffic equals no sales and wasted effort. This is where you need to either look into other home business opportunities which I will share further-on in this article. or you have to understand the online marketing process. From ‘keyword analysis’ through ‘product selection’ to ‘link building’ – a clear affective and powerful marketing strategy is essential if you are really going to legally make money online. You either have to hire someone to help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or take some time and effort to master online marketing techniques.

2. Information Products: – Information Products are digital and therefore have minimal storage and delivery costs. Once designed and produced your overheads thereafter are extremely low and sales prices represent high percentage profits. Information products can be ebooks, software, training videos or anything else you can view online or download. There are many ways to sell and to market digital products from placing them on your own sites or blogs to marketing them via social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. And most importantly; Direct Word-of-mouth.

Many people think that it’s impossible for them to produce a product that anyone else would be interested in let alone want to buy. But fortunately there are great companies such as iLearningGlobal which allows you to market their recognised,  high quality information products and earn a great commission for doing so.

3. Membership Sites: A membership site charges a recurring subscription fee to those members who wish to join. The successful ones offer their members access to specialist products or information that is difficult to find elsewhere and has continued value.

Marketed correctly (there we go again) membership sites can be an extremely profitable way to legally make money online. Of course whilst you are building your list of members you are also developing a valuable list of people who are interested in your chosen niche market. These people may well be interested in other niche related products you have to offer.

Conclusion: Each of these methods introduced here offer the opportunity for you to legally make money online / from home and each has the potential to provide you a substantial income. These approaches are by no means intended to represent an exhaustive list of methods. The Internet and Business world is a dynamic and rapidly developing market place and the best businesses are able to rapidly adapt to these changes.

Inevitably all of us are better at some things then others and most successful Entrepreneurs specialise in certain aspects of business. The great thing is that there is now a place where you can learn all the skills required to run a successful business, and you can even use the built in business module to generate an income while you are learning new skills. All successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common, they understand the importance of continuous learning, to constantly improve their skills in all aspects of business and to understand all the fundamental parts thereof. Therefore it’s essential that you spend some time improving your knowledge and skill set. The best plan is to tap in to the iLearningGlobal daily success stream and learn as much from them as possible. Keep learning. Improve your skills for as long as you are in business and you will find that your business will continuously improve and your pocket will continue to grow!

Thoroughly research, plan you marketing strategy and whatever method you favour, you will be able to legally make money online!

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