At Vervean Media it has always been our goal to provide the best service at the lowest possible prices. But in order for us to accommodate growth within our company and in order for us to accommodate more clients and staff, we have no choice but to increase prices on some of our services. (Click on ‘Read the rest of this entry’ Below for more information)

The following services will be affected by the new pricing structure:

  • [BASICWEB] Service
  • Static HTML Website Design
  • WordPress Premium Service

Instead of doing a major price hike we have decided to increase the prices on a monthly basis over the period of 10 months, at which point we would reach our desired rates.  On some of our services we will each our desired rates within 8 months. Once we have reached our desired rates we will be able to expand our business by employing more skilled individuals in order to offer an even better service to our loyal customers.

The following pricing structure will be applied throughout 2010: (These are once off setup fees)

Vervean Media - Pricing Structure - 2010

This gradual price increase still gives our clients the opportunity to sign up for these services at reduced rates. The sooner you sign up for the service, the lower your start-up cost will be. Don’t delay!!

Detailed explanation and reasoning behind the price increase:

Our team currently consists of three people. One working full-time and the other tho working on a part-time basis when required.

With growing our business and taking on new projects we are starting to become a bit over-loaded and therefore we need to start to expand our business by accommodating not only for more clients, but for more staff, larger office space, more reliable technologies and communication systems.  This expansion means that we can no longer charge “freelance” rates.

In comparison to our competitors, our rates have been much lower, and at this point we even charge less then “cheap” freelancers, and even though are rates are so low, we offer a better service then that of our competition, guaranteed.

By December 2010 our prices will be considerably higher then they are now, although our services will remain competitively priced in comparison to other service providers that offer similar benefits and customer satisfaction.

In an attempt to provide ridiculously cheap solutions for as long as possible, new clients have 10 months to sign up at reduced rates. Don’t delay. Contact us today to secure your discount of up to R 5,000.00.

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