The Internet is filled with endless amounts of ‘work at home’ business opportunities, some say that you can be filthy rich in 30 days while others promise a slow-growing but secure financial future, but does working from home really work?

According to many critics out there; it is impossible to make a living with online data entry and affiliate marketing jobs, blogging, MLM, etc, but are the critics really qualified to make such generalisations of all ‘work at home’ business opportunities?

When reading through a friend’s blog a while back regarding ‘work at home’ business opportunities I noticed that the average reader responded saying that it is junk, some responded with questions, some wanted to investigate, and ONE person shed some light on the entire debate.

From hundreds of comments only ONE person knew the truth about home based business opportunities, and the truth is this:

As mentioned in a previous post ‘The TRUTH about ‘Get Rich Quick'” there is a high probability that any of these millions of ‘work at home’ business opportunities will actually make you rich, however most of these opportunities are entered into by what I call the ‘lazy web bum’ – A person who would join an online business and then expect to become a millionaire the very next morning without lifting a finger. Yes, true, this CAN happen, but the probability of that is very minimal (Don’t get your hopes up!).

Allow me to explain this in the simplest manner:

You have just started working at a new company and it is your first day at the office, you are very enthusiastic and all your co-workers seem pleased with your attitude. You decide to sit back and relax while your boss is not around, watching the others work and waiting for your pay cheque. At the end of the month you get fired because your work has not been completed and you do not get paid.

If that was the case under normal circumstances you would not have any success in the company, you will be left at square one; job hunting AGAIN, hoping to find another alternative that will give you the most amount of money with as little work as possible.

‘Work at home’ business opportunities are similar to the above, the only difference is that in this case you are your own boss and we all know that you won’t fire yourself, so what is there to do when things don’t work out? Blame it on the business system that you joined? Yes?….. NO! This is the mistake that many people make, they blame the system instead of blaming themselves for not putting in enough effort, or for not investigating and studying, learning, understanding the business concept, how to make it work, and actually making it work.

The conclusion: YES!! WORKING AT HOME REALLY WORKS!! But the question is, does working at home really work for YOU? Some people do not have the knowledge or self discipline to create a successful home business, but I will leave that topic for another post where we can evaluate whether YOU are a ‘work at home’ entrepreneur or just another rat in the ‘rat race.’

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