I have received a lot of emails and direct tweets of people asking why there is nothing happening here on my blog and why my last post was more then a month ago. Well, quite honestly I have been rather busy. Here is exactly what I have been doing:

01: Vervean Media

Some of you may remember our state of the art Supersite and Partnersite that we have launched in 2009, however due to some product and accounting limitations we had to roll-back to our manual system. A lot of time has passed now and we have all the resources, accounting systems and product automation systems in place allowing us to officially launch the Supersite internationally. We have been hard at work setting up the International (USD) and South African (ZAR) SuperSite portal and we are also working on localized portals for Australia, (AUD), Europe (EUR) and United Kingdom (BPS). Visit our website at www.verveanmedia.com and have a look at our state of the art, automated systems (Supersite and Partnersite).

02: Second Life

I have returned to the virtual world, this time for business. Many other companies such as IBM, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and even NASA are using Second Life for virtual meetings, collaboration and product planning. Vervean Media now also has a virtual presence with our offices located at the Ginny Business enter in Second Life.We make use of this immersive 3D Virtual World to train staff from around the globe at our Virtual conference hall and meeting rooms. We are also using Second Life to create awareness of our Private Label Reseller Service and business solutions. Planned solutions for the near future will include virtual world services; where we help other companies set up a virtual presence in Second Life. Keep an eye on the Vervean Media website for news about our virtual services.  – I have created another section here on my personal website titles “Second Life” to which I will soon start posting a regular blog about my virtual life. WATCH THIS SPACE!

03: Personal / My Life

I haven’t really have much time for anything personal other then spending a few quality hours with my boyfriend every weekend. Other then that, it’s just been work, work, and more work. But I am a bit of a geek and a work-a-holic so I’m not complaining. I will try my best to create another YouTube video this month because I really want to get into the whole “vloggin” thing.

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