Many times when we approach new clients regarding our web design services they say “We’ve had a website but it was a waste of money, it didn’t meet our needs and we’re not interested in going down that road again.” – You may not know this but, having a website is not just a marketing add-on to bring you more customers; sure it helps with the process, especially if its an eCommerce site, but for most, a website is as important as having a contact number. Not only is an extension of your Corporate Identity, but it is the first contact point for many customers looking to find your product or service.

Unfortunately there are some really amateur web design companies out there who would offer you a website for pennies on the dollar and tell you a story of how it will magically increase your sales and improve your business. – A website is completely useless if no one knows that it exists. These small “cheap” web service providers never mention anything of that sort to you. They simply want your money, they set up the website, and then they disappear into the shadows leaving you with a useless digital page that no one can find. Be careful whom you contract to build your online presence! If you have been one of the unfortunate few to have used such a service provider and you now believe that a website is of no use to you – You are wrong. You DO NEED a website. Everyone does!

I’m going to make a little comparison here to clearly explain my point. The web design industry is very much like the hair-dresser industry. You need a hair cut, everyone needs a hair cut unless you want to look really sloppy and unkept. The same applies to web design, you need a website, everyone needs a website unless you want to remain in the stone age. When you go for a haircut, you may come across a stylist that completely messes up your hair. The stylist did not do what you wanted and now your hairstyle either makes you look bad, or it simply does not turn enough heads. Does this mean that you’ll never ever go for another hair cut again because “it doesn’t work for you?” – No, of course not, in fact you’ll probably find another, more experienced and talented hair stylist as soon as possible to quickly fix the mess.

The web design industry is exactly the same. As a business operating in the twenty first century it is vital for you to have a professional online presence. You may in fact come across a service provider that promises the world but leaves you with the type of service that you wished you never signed up for. This does not mean that a website doesn’t work for you. It does! You just need to the right service provider. A service provider with extensive knowledge in the field. A team of professionals that can enhance your online Identity, provide an interactive product and a website that is actually visible and discoverable online.

Think twice before you say “Having a website didn’t work, it didn’t help us.” – Instead your response should be; “We had a website but it didn’t meet our needs. We were unhappy with the service provider. How can you help us improve our online presence? What can you do that will make the website useful and discoverable?” – And most importantly: “What kind of online developments have you done before? What is your experience, your track-record, your portfolio?” – Hear them out, find out what the new service provider has to offer. Investigate the company, their history, portfolio and corporate identity. Don’t let one bad experience from the past ruin your entire online experience. A website is good, for all! It’s an important contact point and information portal that will prove to the customer that not only is your business evolving with technology, but that you also want to provide a convenient information and service portal online. Think twice before you say “No” to another web design offer because you do need one! Instead of saying no, investigate, question, seek proof that the new service provider will be able to provide you with good, quality service that will actually benefit you.

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