Even though I have been blogging for a really long time, this is and always will be a work-in-progress. So please bear with me if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Ideally I would like to post one article per day in each of the blog categories but I have been unable to do that for reasons which are out of my control. That is all about to change if things will go as planned from this point onwards. You see, some events in my personal life has forced me to re-evaluate my priorities in terms of what I really want out of life and what I am doing in order to get there. Things haven’t really been going as planned and I was literally on the brink of giving up entirely and closing down or selling my business.

A serious lack of new projects in the last few months have made things really difficult for me financially. So difficult in fact that I couldn’t even pay all of my bills and had to seriously scale down on things in general. Yes, I’m being totally honest here, there is no point in me trying to pretend that I run a huge successful company when I’m in reality struggling to make ends meet. Thus I have come to the point where I need to re-evaluate my priorities and re-think my strategies for future success.

I’ve been in business since quarter 4, 2006, officially and legally incorporated since June 2007. My business has been proving well for my needs but lately its just not helping anymore. After about 4 years I’m still unable to show a good turn-over, barely covering the bills and in more recent months not even being able to cover everything. I cannot afford to pay out a salary for my assistant and my advertising budget has dropped down to ZAR 100 a month. Yes, that’s how bad it is.

For the most part I have been making more money from my blog and Second Life thanks to a few sponsored ads and DJing at virtual clubs but in all honesty that doesn’t provide nearly enough to cover even the bare essentials. It’s time for me to take a step back, sit down and re-evaluate the situation and my priorities to find a way to get out of this lower-class pit that I have fallen into. Once upon a time I had it all, business was doing great, I was driving a stunning little car, living it up in a luxury apartment and could afford most things, now I am living with my parents, barely surviving.

The point of this article was to create buzz for what I have planned in regards to blogging and vlogging but now it has turned into a personal pity party. Sorry about that but I need to vent. I’ll stop complaining about what is wrong in my life by turning the situation into a motivational tool.

First of all, I have read that gratitude plays a very important role in moving forward in life. If you aren’t grateful for what you have, it is said that you will never have more. So instead of continuing my venting about what I don’t have, I’ll take some time to show gratitude for what I do have.

I’m young, healthy and I have a great future ahead of me. I have friends and family that love me, support me and care for me deeply. I have a roof over my head and food in my stomach. I have my own business with potential to grow into a multi- million dollar international corporation. I have an Apple iMac, something which I have wanted since the first day that it was released.I have uncapped internet which allows me to take full advantage of the technology that I own. I have the cutest little puppy in the world. I have a boyfriend that loves, supports and respects me. I have many followers that support me. I am happy, grateful and celebrate each day. Thank you. From here I can work hard and achieve great things but only if I prioritize and plan effectively.

It has been said that you will never be able to become truly wealthy unless you are doing what you love, thus my priorities are now shifting to put what I love way ahead of what I can do for money. If I make a great success of what I love it will eventually generate money and open up doors for many other things including my business. What I love is blogging, vlogging and virtual content creation in Second Life. It’s me, it’s my passion. It’s what I am going to focus on. Don’t get me wrong, I do love designing and building websites and I will never entirely drop my company but I will only work with those who truly appreciate my work and those who understand that good service is not cheap. Instead of focusing on my lack of web development projects and moaning about what I don’t have I will be grateful for what I do have and divert my attention to what I truly enjoy doing instead of running after clients that can’t afford my service in the first place or clients that expect everything for free.

My business is there, its not going away, I have partnered with top industry service providers and I’m here for anyone who needs me but It’s time for me to stop flogging a dead horse . I’m going to move on to focus on doing what I love and hopefully it will generate some cash in the process otherwise I might be forced to look into finding a job and working for someone else again, which I promised myself will never happen. The day that I became self-employed is the day that I made a promise to myself to always provide for and be in control of myself, my time and my money. This is going to be a tough couple of months ahead but I am working on a master plan that will hopefully change my life for the better. I’m still planning on migrating to the United States and doing everything in my power to achieve that goal, the only thing holding me back right now is my financial situation so here’s hoping for improvement.

I am going to put a lot of energy into my blog from this point forward and I’m going to work hard at creating more virtual content for Second Life. I might even take up modeling and extra-acting again in local soap opera and TV series. Please check back often, stick around and enjoy my real and virtual life with me. Thanks for all the support from my blog readers, twitter followers and Second Life family and friends. I love you guys!!

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