Blogging is not what it used to be. It has become a mainstream activity that is rarely taken seriously by anyone since it became possible for any Internet newbie to create their own blog with very little effort and zero cost thanks to Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, etc… Many newbie bloggers simply use their blog as a space to vent or post an online journal in the classic ‘dear diary’ style yet they fail to realize that blogging can actually be so much more. There are many pro-bloggers two whom blogging is a full time job as well as a pay check at the end of the month. Unfortunately due to the mass increase of free blogging tools the general public have started abusing the blogosphere and we now have to work more than twice as hard as we have had to a year or two ago in order to remain a step above the rest.

Competition is healthy in any industry but I think that with so many people not taking blogging seriously anymore this is not competition, it’s ignorance. With millions of amateur bloggers to stand up against, we are facing a fork in the road: We’ll either become the envy of all amateur bloggers or we’ll be mistaken as amateur-bloggers and thus lose our credibility or simply not being taken seriously.

Many amateur bloggers fail to realize that most of the news and fashion sites that they visit such as the CNN or the New York Times websites, for example, are actually well constructed blogs that are taken seriously by billions of people from all over the globe. Let’s take a look at the meaning of the word ‘blog’ shall we?

A blog (a blend of the term web log) is a type of website or part of a website. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. Blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.” – via Wikipedia

Looking at this description we can see that many websites are in fact “blogs” of some sort. – But how can we tell apart the amateurs and the professionals? How can we determine which blogs to take seriously and which ones to simply take as “just another personal weblog?”

A friend of mine said to me the other day: “It’s wonderful that you can take something which everyone is doing and make money with it.” – While this may be somewhat true in a sense, I have to disagree. Not everyone is doing > this <. Sure there are a lot of amateur bloggers out there who write personal entries or post random pictures once or twice a week not expecting much in return but not many of them actually think of their blog as their business. Many of them don’t spend and lot of time or money on their blogs. And unfortunately the majority of those bloggers don’t ever take it seriously enough to realize that it could in fact be a full time career and that there are many pro-bloggers out there who make a decent living from blogging.

Some recent feedback about this very topic had me so frustrated this morning that I tweeted: “I was pro-blogging before you even knew what the internet was, so don’t get ahead of yourself now baby! Grow some balls first ok? #indirect” – I find it really frustrating when amateur bloggers that don’t even take their own craft seriously, then insult or degrade pro-bloggers saying that what they are doing is a joke, can’t be taken seriously, and is nothing more than aimless attention seeking from wannabe celebrities. Jealousy makes you nasty, really nasty!

While you may not be taking this seriously, we work day and night to bring you interesting entertainment, news and something to take your mind off your own problems. While you use free blogging services we spend thousands on professional software or advertising campaigns. While you call us out as being “attention whores” we are simply sharing our business like any other business owner would do. Surely you aren’t going to refer to CNN’s tweets or emails as attention whoring. No, you are probably following CNN because you want to read what they have to say, in fact.

Just like you follow CNN because you want to read what they have to say, we pro-bloggers also have followers who are really interested in what we have to say, and because we put way more effort into our blogs than most people put into their jobs, we happen to get financially rewarded by means of advertiser sponsorship or other business ventures that may have come to pass as a result of our blogging. We work hard to maintain our blogs, really hard, in fact. Surely you don’t mind getting some financial reward for your hard work? Why would you degrade us for wanting or enjoying the same?

When I first started blogging my intentions were not to become a pro-blogger but over time I did start to see some great rewards. From back in 2003 to this very day my pro-blogging is what created the majority of my friendships, job offers and professional connections. At this very moment I see my blog as my business and I spend a lot of time working at it. It’s not just a random amateur journal, it is in fact my own version of what I consider to be a great online magazine. And the honest reason why I named it after myself is because I do want the attention and the fame! We all do, some just work harder at it than others. If you have a blog, facebook or twitter account and you call us pro-bloggers attention whores or lame wanna-be celebrities you are being a real hypocrite. A jealous one at that, because you yourself want to be seen as someone or something otherwise you would have no online public identity where people could follow your every move or read about your personal life in the first place.

How To Tell Them Apart:

Now, telling apart amateur and pro-bloggers is not always an easy thing to do especially when many amateur bloggers eventually become pro-bloggers once they have realized their potential. On the contrary it may be very easy to spot a pro-blogger (someone who blogs for a living) when such blogger has publicly visible sponsorships and supporters and when such blogger blogs about more than just his own personal life or events. Although even some bloggers who blog about nothing but their personal lives sometimes make some money from their blogs because of pay-per-click advertising, plugging products in their posts or pics, etc.

As an avid reader you should be able to spot those who do this for a living and I highly encourage you show some respect and support if you enjoy what you read from those blogs instead of becoming jealous and calling them out as attention whores and wanna-be celebrities. Support and respect pro-bloggers because they blog for YOU not just for their own personal gain. Those that do it for nothing but personal gain rarely see long-term reward because they never listen to or show interest in their readers. –Β When I put “thoughts?” at the end of an article it doesn’t mean that I just want your comments to show interaction on my blog for person gain. it means that I actually want to read YOUR THOUGHTS on the specific topic.

P.s. If you love writing and sharing your thoughts and findings with the world I highly recommend that you start your own blog! – Do it because you love doing it not because you want to make money – Do what you love doing and the money will come naturally. That is ALWAYS the case.

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