Planning and organizing a company event can be extremely stressful, whether the planner is a professional whose role involves doing so on a regular basis or whether they’ve just been asked to organize an event by their employer as a one off. There are many things to consider, such as venue, food and drink but also how to keep the guests entertained.

When it comes to corporate entertainment there are a variety of options, although the size of venue, number of guests, purpose of the event and what the overall style needs to be will narrow down the choice considerably.

Corporate entertainment based around music is a popular choice. Music is an excellent way of conveying a mood or message in a subtle, almost subliminal way and so can be used to say something about the business while keeping guests at an event entertained. Funky pop music says that this company is modern and forward looking while Classical music may convey a sense of tradition, class and dependability. It may be appropriate to use different types of music at different stages of the event, for example; more upbeat music might be needed at the beginning to get the audience excited about what else is to come, followed by more subtle background music to act as a backdrop to another activity going on and then ending with something exciting and motivational to end the event on a high.

For shop openings, exhibitions or shows of some kind; the music should be incidental and not detract from the fact that it is the product that should be taking central stage and the music is simply a backdrop. In such cases a DJ could be appropriate to play all the latest dance tunes, whereas at an art exhibition a more relaxed or classical style of music may be more suitable.

Live bands can be a great way to end a corporate event, they tend to be high energy and often encourage some kind of audience participation, such as singing or dancing. Also, that fact that live bands usually play for a specific period of time helps to bring the event to a natural close. However, live bands can also be a popular way to keep energy levels high halfway through a corporate event at an awards ceremony for example.

When deciding on which band to hire, the other main deciding factor alongside the type of music they play will be budget. Hiring a well known name can be a good way of instantly raising the profile of the company involved and can be valuable publicity, but smaller less well known bands or even tribute bands can also be an excellent choice for corporate entertainment. Less well known bands can often be more flexible and more likely to be able to play a range of music rather than just one style, and that’s in addition to the fact that they will be much cheaper.

It is of course possible and in many cases desirable to combine a live band with a DJ or other form of music to give an even more diverse range of music and to make the evening last even longer.

With the right corporate entertainment an event can become one that is talked about within the company or industry for a long time and if held annually can be looked forward to. Its also a good way of showing staff and clients how much they are valued.

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