Good morning! Guess who didn’t get any sleep at all last night? Me! I literally spent about 4-5 hours messing around in Pixelmator, trying to decide what I want my new business cards to look like. I always have difficulty designing things for myself, because I never know what I want.

It’s easy for me to design artwork for clients, because I would have them complete a design brief questionnaire, and then based on their answers I would do some research and create a mockup accordingly. The client then tells me whether they like it or not and what they want changed, if anything.

Designing artwork for myself is an entirely different story. There are so many different ideas and possibilities that I usually waste many hours going over all possible alternatives before I finally choose something that sticks. Like, with my business cards, for example… I spent 2 hours trying different styles and color combinations and then another two hours playing around with every possible layout imaginable.

The end-result is surprisingly simple. For some reason I always end up with a very simple/minimal style in everything that I design for myself, as you can tell from my website, I’m sure.

The idea behind this specific business card design is to provide a general contact card — something that I can hand to someone in person as a first contact point after any kind of discussion. For this reason the card wouldn’t need to explain what I do, because the person I’m handing it to would know why they might need to contact me. I’ve decided to focus on my personal brand rather then putting a tagline or service list on the card. This way I can hand out the card to potential clients for different service categories and I can even hand it out to non-business connections. In my line of work it’s always better to have a neutral contact point rather than something that is focussed around a specific service. It’s all about my personal brand and my combination of talents rather than a single service.

I’m so tired right now that I can’t even think straight, so I’m going to hold off on sending this specific design to the printers until I’ve had a couple of days to look it over. If I’m still in love with this design by next week Monday, then I’ll have it printed.

One wouldn’t think that this specific business card design took me over 4 hours to create. Sure, I could’ve thrown it together in under 10 minutes if I knew what I wanted from the very beginning but I’m extremely indecisive when it comes to designing for myself.

Are there any other Graphic Designers reading my blog? Are you also extremely indecisive when it comes to creating artwork for yourself or do you always know exactly what you want right away? Drop a comment below…

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